Monday, December 10, 2012

Charlotte's Mayor Foxx Threatens Stormy Weather Ahead

Things are looking rather stormy for the Charlotte City Council over the next few weeks. Council's two republicans and a number of democrates have dug in their heels over taxes and a new budget that would include a street car, a billion dollar project in the long run.

The Charlotte Observer ran a "cute" piece on Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and his strained relationship with a couple of Charlotte City Council members.

"Claire Fallon ... believes Mayor Anthony Foxx, a fellow Democrat, is trying to push her out of office for not backing a streetcar. Foxx is trying to secure enough votes to include a $119 million streetcar extension in the broader capital plan, which could reach nearly $1 billion."

Fallon is one of several "new" council members who stepped up to challenge the way City Council spends your tax dollars, and this has not set well with Mayor Foxx. Fallon voted against the streetcar in June. She has told both FOX Charlotte and the Charlotte Observer that she would not react to political pressure to back the streetcar.

“He never said it outright,” Fallon said. “It was inferred. You listen to the music and not the words. The inference was, ‘I’m not very happy.’ He certainly isn’t going to support me.”

In an interview earlier in the week, Foxx said he will likely run for his third term as mayor.

"When asked about candidates for City Council, and whether he would recruit other Democrats to run citywide, Foxx said only that he would give careful consideration to any endorsement."

The Observer's Kevin Siers chirped up with his view of Mayor Foxx and his Street Car Plan:

Cedar's Take: Got to love the "8" pies.

Then late in the week Foxx supporters sounded the alarm and ran to the mayor's side. James "Smuggie" told a local television news reporter that Mayor Foxx "doesn't operate that way" further stating that he has never known the Mayor to threaten anyone.

Whoa! Stop the presses, let's just flash back to November 14 of last year.  

"Early this year when the Mayor's staff told the Charlotte International Cabinet that unless they coughed up the cash for the Mayor's First Class upgrade on his trip to China, their funding would be up for discussion. "

"I am going to ask again that CIC reimburse Mayor for the cost of his first class ticket - $4,000...If its not reimbursed, please expect hell with your presentation to Council and next year's budget." a Foxx staffer told the Charlotte International Cabinet via email.

The Charlotte Observer story on Mayor Foxx and his CIC threat is here.

Foxx of course claimed that threat was done without his authorization. But it is clear that Mayor Foxx likes to throw his weight around and this is how he serves as Charlotte's Mayor.

You might recall a CMPD rookie who pulled the Mayor over uptown for making a illegal turn. Again Mayor Foxx reportedly threaten the rookie cop and a ticket was not issued.

Cedar Posts Story on Mayor Foxx and his Uptown driving habits is here.

FOX Charlotte rolled the video that included the following:

"While differences in city politics is a reality, several sources told FOX Charlotte that Foxx has taken it to the next level.

Despite having councilmen from Foxx's party that have voted against his budget proposal, it's Pickering and Fallon that the mayor wants defeated in next year's election. He's pushing for District 2 Councilman James Mitchell to run for an at-large seat.
Fallon says bring it on.

Council member Beth Pickering said she has had “firm and frank” conversations with the mayor about the streetcar. She said she’s concerned about the streetcar because of the property tax increase.
She said she has heard “rumors” that Foxx would support other Democratic candidates against her.
“When I heard James (Mitchell) may run at-large I thought that might be true,” she said.

The entire FOX Charlotte Report is here.

Cedar's Take: Mayor Foxx is a spoiled toddler. Frankly I think the street car is a great idea, I have a couple of street cars I would be thrilled to sell the City of Charlotte. But Mayor Foxx and prior City Council has spent tax dollars like drunken sailors, they need to work with what they have and forget the idea of raising taxes. Maybe it is time to tap into Jerry Orr's cash cow, the airport. Maybe it is time to ask Jerry Richardson to "pass the loot" or make a call to Brother "BO" and get a little "ear marked" cash for Charlottte.

Come on Mayor Foxx do your job! Make a few call and make it happen without putting another burden on the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Foxx is a spoiled brat who does not understand compromise.

It is eerie how similiar his style of bullying, intimidation and
threatening people if he doesn't get his way mirrors the style of harry jones and rodney monroe, a trifecta of incompetence and extreme hubris.

Are we so afraid afraid of being called racists that we will continue to allow incompetents to hold positions of power that they are abusing and are totally out of their depth and abilities to perform...not to mention their total lack of integrity and ethics?

Jeff A. Taylor said...

Did anyone ever find out how much the Mayor paid for tuition at Country Day? No, no of course not. Because CLT media is full of hacks and cowards.

Anonymous said...

You will never find out how much, if ANY tuition Foxx is paying.

Just another way he is using his position to his advantage.

Much like McCrory.....and 9/10ths of all "politicians", both parties.

Jeff A. Taylor said...

McCrory? Did he ever release his tax returns and final date of separation from a lobbying firm as a non-lobbyist (wink wink nudge nudge)?

NC can thank Char-Meck for what it is about to receive.

Anonymous said...

I will say after a long decade the mayor's office finally got Code Enforcement to enforce code and you are right about Pat, Jeff. Voters can be such idiots but everyone forgot about the arena.

fence contractors san diego said...

Its funny that he is chased by pies instead of rats,they way,

Anonymous said...

And Rodney is going to make Charlotte "more safer" by using the shot spotter and other invasive devices.
The shot spotter is useless, ask any dept. that has tried it...even the premise of the shot spotter is flawed.

Rodney cannot even read a statement...horrible speaker.

He will use any "device" that he thinks will replace real police work and give people a very FALSE sense of security.

Anyone remember Medlock's baby, the "predictive analytics" VERY EXPENSIVE boondoggle of useless computer paraphernalia that no one uses?

And the brand new expensive tasers rodney had to have?

And all the new cars they couldn't find?

And the list of rodney's spurious pet projects that have cost millions goes on and on......

Just like Mayor Foxx and his "pet projects".

R. Payne said...

The mayor may find that Clair Fallon doesn't just roll over and play dead. I have known her for years. Mr. Mayor, choose your battle carefully and you best have your facts right because I can promise you Mrs. Fallon will not come unarmed.

R. Payne

Anonymous said...

Maybe running Mitchell as At-Large instead of District 2 is the best way to get rid of him. Only the idiots in that district are dumb enough to keep that guy in office. So good--put him up against Fallon and other people with a backbone to stand up to Foxx's spend spend spend and blind backing of people like Walton and Monroe. We can kick an At Large seat and finally get someone else in District 2, also.

Anonymous said...

Who uses Predictive Analytics? Nobody. Rodney may use it to see where he needs to erase numbers off the books or to have a docuement he can manipulate to beat up officers who have "crossed" him. It's sure not doing anything for safety in this town he's ruined.

and what about transparency? He's still hiding the numbers that WE paid for from us.
He is a joke. And so is every so-called journalist out there that's not knocking down the legal doors to get the information.