Monday, December 31, 2012

CMPD Looks The Other Way

One of Charlotte's finest has apparently been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Seems one CMPD officer, we'll call him Officer Ripoff, had a pretty sweet secondary employment job providing security at the Greyhound bus station Uptown.

But apparently Officer Ripoff figured he was so good at being a cop he could work both his secondary job and his CMPD job at the same time. His multi-tasking or "double - dipping" by working the lucrative bus station job while on the clock at the expense of the city's taxpayers is of course wrong and also illegal. It is normally called theft. But apparently not at Chief Monroe's CMPD.

Officer Ripoff was assigned to CMPD POST/TRAP unit in an undercover capacity. Seems Officer Ripoff was allowed to dress as he wished so as to fit in with Charlotte's street thugs. His work with the POST/TRAP unit also gave him a wide latitude in his hours making the scam pretty easy to pull off.

Everything was rocking along nicely for Officer Ripoff until someone did the math and BINGO! Officer Ripoff is busted. Ripoff was brought to IA where he promptly tried to place the blame on his supervisor, Marc Robson.  Robson was later removed from the unit and sent to the airport.  Ripoff was removed from the unit and sent to third shift in central division.

While on the specialized unit Ripoff had grown a full beard as part of his assignment but he was told to shave it when he was sent back to uniform patrol. Officer Ripoff refused to shave the beard claiming he has recently converted to Islam and that as a Muslim was permitted to wear a beard.

So the department sent Ripoff back to his undercover POST/TRAP specialized unit, given his same hours and job as before, effectively voiding any punishment whatsoever.

Padding a time sheet or slacking off while being a Cop is nothing new, double dipping while rare has happened before. In fact several years ago under Chief Stevens a couple of wise guys thought they could get away with it.  But not only were the officers immediately cited for termination they were also charged criminally.

Cedar's Take: The water cooler talk about this has been going on for sometime. CP has withheld the officer's name and photo to protect his identity since he is still working in an undercover capacity.

It is interesting to note that Officer Ripoff is black and his supervisor Marc Robinson is white.

Cedar's Follow-Up: An earlier version of this blog post was removed due to "operator error".


Anonymous said...

TRAP is phucked up, the whole chain of command is turning a blind eye to what goes on there.

Same as with every other chain of command.....preferential treatment for the as usual.

So what else is new....?

Like anyone gives a rats fuzzy ass.

Anonymous said...

More Racist bull shit from Cedar mouth.

Anonymous said...

Total Utter Bull Shit. Never happened just more lies on this worthless blog.

Anonymous said...

It happened.

But don't expect anyone to admit it.

Deny, deny, deny.......

Who cares, it has become the everyday way of doing business, it is standard operating procedure.

CMPD has become a cesspool....thanks rodney.

Anonymous said...

You need to check your facts. This never happened. Call IA it never happened. And Robson was protmoted.

Anonymous said...

It is FACT! Jackass should have been fired, but he is a member or FOR (Friends Of Rodney) where the only requirement is that you be black.

As a member of FOR he gets a free pass.

Anonymous said...

Tufano always says they hand out suspensions for things like "uniform violations, late to court, that sort of thing." If stealing tax money --and that other guy cashing a check belonging to another cop, also theft by fraud-- aren't enough to even get you disciplined, then what should we think of the people who actually make the list?
Some on the list got punished for trying to do the right thing. We know that.

But the rest? If THEFT doesn't even qualify, then what did the rest of them do to get on the list?

Crimes by officers must be reported and prosecuted. If "nothing happened" then that would be discovered. If a police chief keeps lying to cover up crimes committed by some members, and the Internal Affairs Department is helping, and the District Attorney knows about it, then maybe they should face obstruction charges.

If that's what is happening, it causes lack of trust among the ranks, lack of trust in the ranks (undeserved by many)and dangerous morale problems.

Here's a way to keep a criminal officer safe instead of on duty: fire him and put him in jail for crimes. I'd rather spend my tax money that way than on double salary. And maybe some of this stuff would stop.

Anonymous said...

If you don't name him you're a part of the coverup.

Get his name out there, forcing Webster to pull him in from his undercover gig (do we really want a thief doing UC?), and let the process carry itself to conclusion.

Anonymous said...

POST/TRAP is a surveillance unit only and another one of Rodney's fluff positions. Releasing the identity of the "officer" (using that term loosely) will not put him in danger. One bad apple spoils the bunch. The public deserves to know. The few remaining good CMPD officers deserve to know.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 5:40 & 5:57. Give his name. They can pull him if safety is an issue. Doesn't sound like milling around CATS is much of a high-risk anyway.

Don't be part of the cover-up.

Also, send the information to every "news" station in town and ask them to request verification from the DA and CMPD. They can also contact the officer and ask him. When will it be enough for them to start asking questions?

Anonymous said...

When you guy through the hiring process they shove Honesty, Integrity and Truthfulness down the candudate's throat. Howeverr this new crop of recruiters as with most in the past seem to turn a blind eye to these "core values" if your black. The whole process is bull shit along with the people making decisions of who gets through and who doesn't. In the last few years we have had Officers sexually assault women whe on duty, try to cash other Officers paychecks and Officers use their duty weapon while in uniform hold their ex wife and lover at gunpoint.

From what I can see the "Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty" is long gone and that whole wrap is nothing but complete bull shit after seeing the "winners" that are getting churned out nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I hear the jackass is named Rucker.

Anonymous said...

Unless there's another Rucker who isn't listed because he's undercover, this officer Rucker is shown at Central on the public web site at Charlotte Observer. com

Name Rucker,Stefan Jabar
Job Title Police Officer
Business Unit POLICE
Department Central Div (D-1 Division 01)
Regular or Temporary? R
Full or Part Time? F
Annual Rate $47,840.00
Hourly Rate

Read more here:

I wish everyone would lose the focus on race. Motives from the top for covering up wrong actions by himself and the ones that help him get away with it are not exclusive to one race or another. Focusing on that makes your complaints fall on deaf ears in many cases. There's lots of bad behavior and covering it up spread all around. Focus on the crimes, violations, inequities, and not contributing to covering it up. Start speaking up every time and stand behind each other on THAT, not on a blue wall of silence.

Worrying about biases and focusing there will not expose the problems. Expose the problems and if there are bias issues, they will come out in the process.
There have been many white officers acting very badly, too. Beating up a guy? Dragging another guy out of a bank and maybe assaulting him? Driving drunk? Beating up your girlfriend? Sticking dog poop in a mailbox? Turning away a woman in need (allegedly) who had been kidnapped? It's a much longer list, but don't pretend like those things didn't happen. The female officer that (allegedly) beat the mess out of her girlfriend, after following her home, jumping, choking, etc... hardly her first out of years of events. Same with the others. Years of coverups for each of them and probably more we don't know about, because the coverups were more successful.

Internal Affairs needs to be reviewed by an outside agency and the public.

So does the chief.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like airing our dirty laundry in public!!

Anonymous said...

He did it, Robson wasn't "promoted" he was "punished" by being sent to the airport since no other sgt. volunteered. Ruckers suspension and off duty permit suspension were reversed by Romo and he was sent back to TRAP and is still working off duty. He is not "undercover". He does surveillance or is supposed to. He hasn't shown up at mosque either so not sure how he claims he's muslim.

Anonymous said...

Rucker is a total douche, and IA did just what Rodney wanted. Whatever the chief wants that ass kissing major deliverer IA delivers. That boys is bent so far over the chief's it make me sick.

But that is the way it is, get over it.

Anonymous said...

All officers that commit crimes need to be prosecuted. If it is discovered that the Major over IA, the Chief, or anyone else is covering up crimes, they would require prosecution, too. Andrew Murray, are you listening?

Is there any "reporter" paying attention?

Anyone on City Council?

Anyone at the Bar Association?

Anonymous said...

Homicides at all time low!!! Long live King Rodney Monroe!! Now all you peons kneel before the exalted and get on board or be run over!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand you people. This blog is nothing but lies and Rucker should be suing this DB Cedar Post.

Jeff A. Taylor said...

Bar Assn.?

The "legal community" is the biggest bunch of crooks in CLT, THE root of evil in the city.

There is no rule of law in Char-Meck. As long as you know that and are fine going it alone, Omega Man style, best of luck. Otherwise, get the hell out.

Anonymous said...

The one guy they actaully disbarred was known for helping sue the City/CMPD. Yeah, he did something wrong and should have been disbarred. But he is far from the only one. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

All stations covering CMPD Thompson DWI charge from New Year's Eve tonight. Blew .19 two times, four minutes apart.
Still total silence on Brathwaite allegedly pulling a gun on wife and other criminal charges. Why?

Anonymous said...

Anon: January 2, 2013 11:08 PM

Good Luck on getting any of the local news stations to report anything worth a damn. If whoever if there is anyone with the Whistleblower 9, would take the time and look into all the shady deals and cover up within CMPD. It would be some good reporting, but it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon: January 2, 2013 11:08 PM

Good Luck on getting any of the local news stations to report anything worth a damn. If whoever if there is anyone with the Whistleblower 9, would take the time and look into all the shady deals and cover up within CMPD. It would be some good reporting, but it won't happen.

alex amarxon said...

He was havin' way too much fun...and it looks like he ate a smurf along the way. (by the way - Caleb has never seen a smurfs chain link fence