Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Charlotte City Council Goes Gangman Style On Taxpayers

The Observer points out that handing over 125 million to Jerry Richardson is really no big deal. Even more so when compared to other NFL cities.

Maybe not, but Charlotte is fast taxing herself into purgatory while doing some crazy happy dance as the working middle class flee the taxes and crime.

We have a 15.25% hotel tax, higher than Charleston, a true tourist city at 12.5% and Atlanta at 11.5%

We have the highest gas tax in the Southeast.

Charlotte City Council sees it as "just a penny more" but the truth is a dinner for two in Charlotte will set you back about $50 sure you can squeeze by for $35 if you spare the beer and wine.

Doubling the "prepared food" tax hits two groups really hard, first those of us without stay at home moms, families where both spouses work and diner is more often than not on the run.

Don't forget that "prepared food" includes that deli sandwich and pasta salad you picked up from Harris Teeter at lunch.

The second group are service staff who depend on customers generosity for their income. Will that extra $1 on date night come out of the wait staff's pocket? You betcha!

Remember most of us are now feeling the pain of the 2% hike in the social security tax, not to forget Charlotte property owners got zapped with a flawed revaluation last year and then thanks to Charlotte City Council there's the ever increasing CMUD water bills.

The most troubling aspect of the Panther's deal is the way it came down. A dirty back room deal, put together to benefit the Big Fat Cat himself Jerry Richardson, a Bruton Smith wanna be.

If the BFC had set aside funds for renovations over the last 16 years he would have a state of the art stadium. Had they built a franchise and a loyal fan base they could ask the fans to step up.

Had Charlotte City Council not been sold a "pig in a poke" again and again, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Bobcats Arena, White Water Center, Eastland Mall and on and on, they might have some money to fund a project and give BFC a deal.

A deal council is so ashamed of that they ducked out the back door of the basement using a service tunnel to avoid the media.

Apparently there is a tunnel under the street that Charlotte City Council members used to evade the local media. The tunnel connects the Goverment Center to the Parking Deck. 

According to WBT's Chris Miller a City Spokesperson stated that the police presence at closed-session Monday was "to facilitate the quick arrival and departure of our guests."

Photo of Charlotte City Council member entering the tunnel is below.

Note: Cedar Posts can't comfirm that the above person is in fact a Charlotte City Council Member.


Anonymous said...

True leadership always leaves in the dark of night, out the back door, in order to avoid those "tough" questions..what a joke our city has become.
If voted for it, fine, but don't hide like a child.
Raise the ticket prices, like everyone else has to do?
One reason I don't go games anymore are the annoying and distracting ads on the rather large current scoreboard. Now I guess I'll never step foot in the old, run down, eyesore of a building.

Anonymous said...

These are the same a**holes who claim they don't have the money to pay police, fire, and medic. Yet, they can find enough money to give to private interests for pet projects...

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt the Panthers will move, but some of the concerns are legit.

Jerry Richardson is running on borrowed time using a loaner heart. If he hates his sons and their is no real plan for the team after Jerry I'd call the whole deal a scam.

The Panthers have never been very media friendly or fan friendly. Maybe it is time to look at some other options.

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES if they leave?

There will probably be a team sale announcement coming soon, which is the part that Council said wouldn't look right under public scrutiny. They would be correct. Also, spending $125MM of our money behind closed doors with no public debate is pretty slimy. Anyone checked if it's illegal yet?

Anonymous said...

The way i see it is there are several other choices Mr Richardson could have handled his problem of income. Lets see! How about reducing the payroll of the overpaid players? There is certainly a lot of money there. Or secondly how about increasing the amount of the game tickets and the amount of the prepared food at the games. Those who attend pay the extra for their enjoyment. Leave the rest of us overtaxed residents of this highest taxed county alone. Sounds much more logical to me!!!

Anonymous said...

if only the NFL allowed for the Green Bay model of ownership, there would be hope of keeping any team in the community in perpetuity, without the constant asking for hand-outs for new amenities at the taxpayers expense. But alas, the old boys club forbade that years ago. They would much rather the Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson's milk whoever they can for whatever they can get.

The public model work for FC Barcelona (and mightily well for the Packers), until then, until then, every city with a stadium > 5 years old will be held with a gun at their head with a threat to move the franchise elsewhere.

Next saga will be who it gets sold to. I have news, Charlotte doesn't have the wealth needed for an individual to buy this franchise. Whoever buys it when Jerry passes will certainly be an outsider.

But hey, BoA stadium could make for an interesting NASCAR track if the Smith's need to threaten to move from "Concord" again.