Thursday, January 17, 2013

CMPD Officer Brathwaite Found Guility

CMPD Officer Darnley "Cecil" Brathwaite was found guilty of at least two charges stemming from an August 2012 altercation with his ex-wife.

Update via WSOC:

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer is on paid administrative leave after a judge found him guilty of assaulting his estranged wife's boyfriend during a confrontation at their home in August.
Guilty of pointing a gun and false imprisonment, Brathwaite's lawyer says he will appeal the conviction.

The judge found officer Darnley Brathwaite guilty of assault by pointing a gun and false imprisonment for keeping that man from leaving the home in Huntersville.

But the judge decided that officer Brathwaite was not guilty of pointing a gun at his wife and physically assaulting her.

Brathwaite was not available for comment after the trial, but his attorney said it was not the outcome they were hoping for.

"Obviously he's disappointed," said attorney Norman Butler.

Butler had called the case against Brathwaite a "web of deceit" but did not want to comment on the evidence after the trial because he told the judge they will appeal the convictions -- and ask for a jury trial.

Brathwaite has been with CMPD since 2005, and several officers and supervisors testified on his behalf Thursday.

As far as Cedar Posts is concerned the fact that he is still employed by CMPD is Amazing!


Anonymous said...


And the Captain in the WC office that they were trying to get rid of is gone, for a much lesser infraction, IMO. And was not criminally charged or convicted, but he is gone! Of course he is caucasian.

Rodney's "protection" at work again, for the umpteenth time.


Anonymous said...

Who is gone?

Anonymous said...

Bet this story never makes it to mainstream media...this crap should be on CNN!

Anonymous said...

Judge Tyyawdi Hands, who was not re-elected, then was appointed to a temporary position by Beverly Purdue, then was elected recently, was on this case. If the "news" reports this story, that should be part of this story. How can you find someone guilty of pulling a gun and false imprisonment of one dude there, but not the wife who was also there? Trying to keep the domestic charge off his record--or was she not in the room? Or doesn't she count? We need to see the transcript--Oh, wait, there isn't one for criminal charges.

No one from 'press' was there, right?

Maybe Rob Tufano could enlighten us as to where everyone was when the gun was pulled and why.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave out the part about Judge Hands being black...and just FYI the only reason there's no transcript is because it's not required by law in district court...if they actually appeal like Norman Butler says they intend to, the appeal will be held in Superior Court where there will certainly be documented record of every word uttered...

Anonymous said...

district criminal court isn't recorded but district civil court is recorded. is that crazy? why have an accurate record of what everyone does when crimes are involved

Anonymous said...

Just saw this story on 9. What great representation for the department. Love the part where he is still employed. No wonder our reputation is so rapidly eroding. This kind of shit would float in many other departments. Tomorrows follow-up story on the news should be that he has been terminated......

Anonymous said...

WSOCTV is the only one to even do a report (WBTV, FOX, WCNC did not).

Their report includes Brathwaite's attorney saying the case involves a "web of lies" and that when Brathwaite arrived at his estranged ex-wife's home at 3 a.m. (no explanation for why he would do that)
his "police instincts kicked in"

Sure, go to your estranged wife's house in the middle of the night, get angry that she's with a boyfriend, pull a gun on both of them, say it was only really pointed at one of them, and that it was your police instincts that led you to drive over there at 3 a.m. in uniform and armed... this is a great story. Now he's on PAID LEAVE pending appeal.

Defense Attorney Norman Butler was probably right about the web of lies.

What 'police instincts' caused this armed police officer in a police uniform to go disturb his wife's home at 3 a.m.? Was he invited over? Was he invited in? Probably not, since she had company. Thank goodness nobody was killed in the 100% avoidable incident he caused by going there at 3 a.m.

Seems Monroe and Selvey will not wise up.

Anonymous said...

The only reason this thug is still employed by CMPD is because he is black and Cam Selvey is a spineless brown noses.

Anonymous said...

who is out as watch commander?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Selvey takes it up the waste chute daily from Rotney.

This is not the first just one that finaly made it to the press because Cedar posted the story before Christmas.

That he is on paid leave is just F-ing crazy. This Dbag needs to go instead he'll become the poster boy for unfair treatment of black officers.

Anonymous said...

So how does the system work now? Is he on paid leave until he has an IA hearing? Then if found he violated departmental rules does he get suspended without pay? or does he then get cited to civil service for termination? I guess it could be either.
Since he is appealing his conviction does he stay on suspended with pay until he goes all the way to the supreme court with it? That cant be right!! Do these charges he has been found guilty of get his state certification revoked? You would think so!!
I would not want to be in anyones shoes who knows what the right thing to do IS but cant do it because of ROMOS INFLUENCE ON THEIR CAREER. I imagine Cam doesnt get much sleep and hasnt for a long time. JUST ALL KINDS OF WRONG POLICING THERE chief. And I use the word CHIEF litely.

Anonymous said...

What does Brathwaite have on Rodney?

Anonymous said...

The North Carolina Training and Standards Commission will review this case and determine whether or not he can retain his law enforcement certification. This happens regardless of the court outcome.

CMPD DIV 12 said...

He did. Moved to detective!

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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