Tuesday, January 8, 2013

East Charlotte - CMPD's New West Charlotte

Veteran CMPD Officers know two things about homicide in Charlotte, first no amount of police work will keep people from killing one-another and second West Charlotte used to be the killing field.

But that all changed as builders encouraged by the rapid growth of Charlotte in the 80's and early 90's urged Charlotte City Council to approve apartment complex on top of apartment complex along Albemarle Road, Harris Blvd and Central Avenue. At first these were "high end" apartments with amenities like club houses, pools, weight rooms and tennis courts. But as the growth slowed the rents declined and the demographics shifted.

As the great black migration to the north reversed course many minority families returned to the South, and many to Charlotte but with a northern attitude about what was right and wrong. 

Once the home to yuppies and DINKs East Charlotte suddenly became home to low income single parents and families looking for affordable housing.

Born into this mess in the late 80's and early 90's are the two suspects who were arrested Monday in a fatal shooting that occurred at Farm Pond Lane and Albemarle Road in East Charlotte. As was the victim Monte Jarron Gay, who was 21. 

Monte Jarron Gay
Gay of course has a lengthily arrest record dating back to a juvenile. Many of his arrests where gun charges the other drugs, driving offenses and robbery.

Two 19-year-olds Terrence Parker and Brenton Samuels who are harged with the murder of Gay are well known to CMPD's Independence and Hickory Grove divisions.

Officers arrested Parker at a motel on Independence Boulevard. Samuels was arrested in Mint Hill.

Terrence Parker

Brenton Samuels 
Parker's arrest record is mainly breaking and entering charges and a couple of drug arrests.

Samuels long record includes several weapons, drug and robbery charges including shopping lifting, employees theft and assault on a handicapped person.

CMPD Officers responded to a call at 3:59 p.m. and found Gay suffering from a gun shot wound and unresponsive. Paramedics took the wounded man to Carolinas Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Hickory Grove Captain Chuck Henson,  "Chuckles" as he is known around the department explained the shooting as "not a random act of violence".  

But what is lost on Chuckles is the real cause of violent crime in East Charlotte. A broken system that has failed to institutionalize violent offenders. The first gun crime should be a life sentence. No exceptions no second chances no parole.


Anonymous said...

Chuck Henson just described how to end violent crimes with guns without any need to tinker with second amendment rights.

Bob said...

Life sentences for gun crimes would probably be found unconstitutional under the 8th Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishments. It would be sufficient to sentence to 5 years for a first offense, and ten years for each repeat offense. Five years gives an offender a chance to make a new start after a first offense, and ten years ensures that the offender is kept away from society for a beneficially long period without getting unreasonable about it. Mandatory life sentences should be reserved for the worst of the worst, since they require the taxpayer to feed and house the offender for the rest of his natural life.

Anonymous said...

What does income have to do with anything? One of the suspects comes from a family with money, who lives in an upscale neighbor hood in minthill and he was once enrolled in an out of state college.So please dont try to make this a black, low income or poor thing.Get facts right before you post. R.I.P Mr.Gay

Anonymous said...

3 thugs off the streets works for me. Just a crying shame the dead nigger didn't get off a couple of shots himself.

Anonymous said...

AGREED!!! A little exchange of gunfire between the 3 of them might have eliminated the other 2 turds also. Now they will be back out on the streets in a few years once their charges have been plea bargained to involuntary manslaughter......

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people can make comments about this tragedy. This is not a black or white thing! It's a humanity thing and people are quick to point fingers when it does involve there families. Just remember what goes around comes around racist bastards.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:03 take off those rose colored glasses. If it involves guns, stealing, killing and drugs you can bet it is a black thing.

It is just a fact. Call it racist if you like but of all the people living in Charlotte who among us is surprised that not one of these young men have their birth father living at home?

Who is surprised that every one of them has a long list of crimes on their resume?

Who is shocked that a young man who has robbed with a gun has died by the gun?

As I suspected NO ONE!

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the killers of Benjamin Sky McDaniel a white 21 year old are both black. Each with a long record and prior gun arrests as well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

People who post racist shit on here need to shut the fuck up.Samuels has both parents who both attended college and got degrees and his father is a veteran of the military and he didn't live in the hood.He has an older brother who also earned a college degree and a younger brother who will attend college next year.People who assume shit look like asses.Keep being racist it doesn't matter because us black people are sitting back watching you whites shoot each other up and killing innocent people and kids, you all are a bunch of idiots without brain cells.RACIST DUMB FUCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Not every black grows up without a father.SMH.racism still exist I see.

Anonymous said...

Monte Gay the young man that was killed was raised with both of his parents in the home and he came from a good background just choose the wrong life style. Just shows how ignorant some people are making preconceived racial judgements lets not forget that we have young white shooting up schools, kids, movie theaters and malls, you have young black kids killing each other. So this is an issue with all Americas youth They all need help don't make this a racial issue look at the whole picture!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 5:23..

Umad Bro?

Anonymous said...

Funny as shit "Monte Gay was raised with both of his parents in the home and he came from a good background just choose the wrong life style. Just shows how ignorant some people are making preconceived racial judgements.

So he was raised right but took the wrong path? Seems to me both his parents failed.

If you kid has a hand gun in his waistband and keeps getting arrested again and again you have failed as a parent.

Anonymous said...

The thought of burning fires and unbearable heat used to be enough to keep people from doing bad for fear they would surely end up in hell.

Now days there's a new incentive to say out of hell, the place is full of nigger thugs like Monty Gay

Anonymous said...

Funny to me that those posts which begin accusing others of being racist wind up themselves going into racist rants. There's a problem in black community and recognizing that isn't racist. I'm dumbfounded by how many in the community will identify and make excuses for such thugs. I could not possibly care any less about violent criminals (of any race) shooting one another as long as they target one another rather than decent law abiding citizens. I identify with people who share my values, not my race, gender, etc. I suspect those of you making excuses actually do share these thugs (lack of) values.

Anonymous said...

ANON January 8, 2013 8:03 PM

I can see that you are a totally DUMB NIGGER!!! Just by reading your comments and the last time I look NIGGERS KILLING NIGGERS which is a good thing for population control at least here in the South. You are shooting and killing each other more than White or Hispanics. So, you need to SHUT UP.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the fact that some of these kids grow up with a family and commit crimes is more troubling.

This is prevalent in East Charlotte; communities like Bradfield Farms where black parents try to live a suburban middle class life but have kids who choose the gang and violence route; then you have a shooting there in September.

This is why we are seeing a spread of black violence into formally safe suburban areas.

The late 80's/early 90's black hip-hop culture their parents grew up with was relatively positive(krs-one, public enemy, tribe called quest), but the kids are reverting back to a thug lifestyle, even in relative affluence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:42
Your anger and self loathing is only surpassed by your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:45 what does income have to do with anything?

How about a $250 pair of MJ's?

How about a $1,000.00 gold chain and P-Diddy warm-up that cost $500.00

The image that black folks want is limos and phat asses hoes, guns and bling but none of them have a job, ask any black kid what he wants to be and he's gonna say basketball star, pimp, gangster, rapper.

But along about High School comes the realization that is not gonna happen.

The day that real life sets in is the day these thugs said screw working I'm a gangster, I'm a bad ass mofo and I am due my shit.

Friend it is all about the income, the money.

And the sooner we round this dogs up and put them done the better off we will be.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here just more racist hate from Cedar Mouth.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with dirty animals such as this killing within their own race. In fact I support such actions 100%.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

These getto thugs must not be very bright, they always get id'd and caught within 24 hours, not much time to say good bye to momma and delete their Facebook account.

But stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is this is how they have been raised. Not just by their parents, but by the schools, the courts, their peers.

If evolutionary theory is correct this species, and they are indeed a species will continue to devolve.

At some point if the distant future science will understand this fact, and we deem this species suitable for culling. Selective breeding in an effort to restore order.

Hitler saw the Jews are being greedy and determined the only way to change that mind set was extermination of the race.

He failed.

Today say what you like, but jews are geneticly programed to be greedy.

Negros are programed towards all the behaviors we as white educated people see as repulsive.

Take Mr. Gay his mother says he was a good boy, just chose the wrong crowd to hang with. In other words she knew what he was doing and say it as acceptable.


Anonymous said...

9:31 If you aren't already easy to spot with nasty tattoos and a shaved head and gross clothes, please wear a warning of the low-intelligence, hate-filled person that you are sufficient so that it can be spotted from a long distance. I wouldn't want the misfortune of getting close enough to you to discover it for myself. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my- this has taken a decidedly ugly turn!

Anonymous said...

I find it absurd that if any white person makes any comment deemed racist then you must be racist skinhead trash and punished.

So why is it acceptable for a lower mentality of blacks to refer to whites as any derogatory name they want and refer to educated blacks as being whitewashed? Not one black person will stand up and say that is racist, why is that?

No one is more racist than the younger generations in the hood so you people screaming racism need to take a step back because as long as you excuse the black youth who have no respect for anything living, you are just as much as fault as these these little gang punks stealing because they are too dumb and lazy to work an honest job as it doesn't pay enough for them.

Anonymous said...

For all you white mf skin head sitting up waving your confederate flag. I knew all them young men and viewed this a unmistakably tragic I feel sorry for.both families. The only person should have been killed is the Mr swinging the confederate flag dam.yankees kill them all rid world of neo- cons