Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Wrap Up - CMPD Edition

Harold Medlock's Legacy - May be the CMPD Year Book fiasco.

Seems the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was duped by the same company that Deputy Chief Medlock was in bed with.

Not surprising JSO staff was also told by superiors that sitting for the photos was mandatory even if they didn't want to buy pictures. JSO pictures were taken in March of 2011.

Jacksonville deputies laid out $150 each for the yearbook and photo packages in advance. Just like CMPD officers. Most of the JSO have received photos but the yearbook is a no show.

Word is that the company Harold Medlock as well as the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office hired has now filed for bankruptcy, meaning that JSO deputies and staff are out nearly $270,000.00 and CMPD Officers wont fair any better.

Cedar Posts has no information about the total of the CMPD purchase, but if every CMPD employee bought the standard package it would be in excess of $300,000.00.

Heads Up CMPD Officers - Amazon is making your job just a little harder. Would this key work on CMPD issued handcuffs? Cedar thinks it doesn't look like a match.

From the Amazon Listing:

"This could be one of the ultimate Hidden-in-Plain-Sight items; a non-metallic handcuff key disguised as a simple zipper pull. These can be attached to any zipper on your jacket, pants, etc.

The key remains completely hidden, and is simply pushed out from its housing when required in an emergency.

43 times stronger than regular plastic, this handcuff universal key will be there for you when you need it most. Tiny and lightweight, it can be hidden on or about your body or clothing so that it can not be easily spotted, yet ready for use if needed.   Since the key is attached to its cord, it will not become lost even during the most demanding situations. Includes key."

You can order yours right Here

Hat Tip to Belinda Bee for the bringing this to our attention.

The Odd Tale Of Brigida Mack - When the WBTV reporter posted the hashtag #TheChiefIsMyHomie along with a photo of her 5 foot 200 pound frame standing next to Chief Monroe, (See prior Cedar Posts) we assumed this was just another local newsie trying to make friends.

Then Brigida's "exclusive" on CMPD's top secret big brother "Snoop Center" aired on WBTV last night.

Click on the above photo to watch Brigida Mack's report.
Cedar's Take: When news reporters have a chummy relationships with police or politicians truthful news reporting becomes compromised.

In this case it turns out the Brigida Mack's lunch time invite and exclusive may have come via a tweet on January 15th from none other than @CMPD_newsroom.

15 Jan CMPD_newsroom ‏@CMPD_newsroom @BrigidaMack @brigidamack @brigidamack @CMPD_newsroom lunch?

Interesting that this twitter account bills itself as "the official companion twitter portal feed for our current news and information directly from the Public Affairs Office" Now that is a mouthful. There is even a link from CMPD's home page under "Social Media"

The above statement would make you assume that this twitter account belongs to CMPD's Rob Turfano.

However @CMPD_newsroom only follows four twitter accounts. 3 CMPD accounts and Brigida Mack, lacks any serious following with less than 275 followers and has made only 14 tweets since the account was started in October 2011.

It gets even even worse. Tweets are in reverse chronological order.

Cedar Posts Take: I'm not even going to take a guess as to who is tweeting from the CMPD_Newsroom account, because I am speechless.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Chief Rotney has some splaining to do! Momma ain't gonna be happy!

Anonymous said...

So when did the FBI search Rodney's Office? Why would the idiot tweet that?

Neil said...

Going a little farther back, the CMPD_Newsroom tweets are even odder:

Brigida Mack ‏@BrigidaMack
RT @WBTV_News: BREAKING NEWS- Search for Adam Mayes ends- Mayes found with self-inflicted gunshot wound, has died. Two missing girls safe.

@CMPD_Newsroom replies with:

CMPD_newsroom ‏@CMPD_newsroom
@BrigidaMack Hope it feeling better


This reads like somebody who doesn't know how to use private messages...

Anonymous said...

Boys that year book money is long gone. And get this the guy who ripped us off is a college buddy of Romo's son. Yep a Georgia Tech grad.

Anonymous said...

The yearbook fiasco is the least of Medlock's fiascos.....

The trail of destruction, both to the department and to the personal lives of CMPD employees will be his lasting infamous legacy.

His unmitigated need for revenge has ruined the lives of many at CMPD.

His non existent leadership skills have brought disastrous results to the department.

The computer fiasco would have to top the list as a total WASTE of money and time.

I really feel sorry for Fayetteville, but they should have done more due diligence, and just maybe Monroe should not have been on the Board that decided that outcome.

His screwups are as legendary as his monumental temper...and ego....and his constant need for ego stroking.

His real self will be seen at the trial when he is under oath......he will not be able to escape that, and the resulting media attention will let the world know what kind of person he is. I assure you there will be one on one interviews with the people he has screwed over and their families!

Brigida is Rodney's own personal Spin Machine.
She is not professional and is just a joke, much like Cleve Wootson at the CO. No one takes either of them seriously.