Monday, January 28, 2013

Harris Teeter Taking Recycling Grocery Bags To A New Level?

The other day I stopped by Harris Teeter at Stonecrest Shopping Center to pick up a few items. Nothing special just a couple of steaks, tomatoes, cereal, milk, some ground beef and bread.

As the cashier rang up the items she reached into a box under the counter and pulled out an obviously used Harris Teeter grocery bag

Whoa, how about paper? I asked.

Really you don't want your meat in plastic? How about the ground beef? The cashier replied.

Nope paper would be great.

I am not a germ-a-phob though my mother would disagree, but the idea of using someone else's grocery bag is pretty much grossing me out. I know by the time my bags have made the round robin trip they have slid across the dog fur covered back of my SUV, sat on the counter in the kitchen, called to the floor a hard dozen times and tumble across the parking lot on occasion. Hell no I wouldn't use my own grocery bags much less someone else's!

Now I am all in favor of recycling and re-purposing but why are you putting my groceries in a used bag that has been lord only knows where?

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Mr Whipple said...

Was it used or was it a loose bag from the end of a bunch that broke off, wouldn't stay on the rack and was stuffed into a cubby hole?

I'd bet it was the latter. I used to manage grocery stores and it happens a lot. Throwing away bags because they broke off and won't stay on the rack is pure waste. Finding a bunch of unused bags in the trash will get you written up.