Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

My dad likes to tell this story when talking about the perils of business management.

Pointing out that no amount of planning can cover every obstacle.....

The famous director Cecil B. DeMille was known for his fantastic sets and amazing scenes.

The famous director was under pressure to kept costs down and complete the current film on time and under budget.

He told the film studio he would do just that, all he needed was to shoot the final climatic scene.

He had worked out every last detail, the cast knew their lines cold, the special effects team was ready, a thousand extras were in place.

He even put his best cameramen on the scene. One take was all he could afford, as the scene called for a massive explosion where an entire freight train crashed into the canyon below.

With everything in place Cecil yelled into his megaphone the time honor words Lights Camera Action!

The actors spoke, the extras moved on cue. Everything was perfect and the train crash and massive explosion was truly epic!

When the crescendo subsided, and the dust settled Cecil was very pleased, the entire scene was just as he had hoped.

He promptly turned to his #1 cameraman and asked: George did you get it all?

George replied: Sorry Mr. DeMille No Film!

Cecil turned to his #2 cameraman: How'd it go Bill?

Bill replied: Sorry Mr. DeMille No Power!

Cecil's last hope his best wide angle cameraman on the canyon ridge above.

Cecil picked up his megaphone and yelled to his most trusted cameraman Jim: Any trouble Jim?

Jim replied: Ready when you are Mr. DeMille!

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