Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Odds and Ends

I-485 Suicide

Late Sunday night a young woman took her own life by jumping from the western span of the Rea Road bridge over Interstate 485.

CMPD Officers on the scene indicated that she either struck or was hit by two cars traveling east bound on the outer portion of the loop.

Traffic was diverted for more than a hour as crime scene technicians and homicide detectives worked to collect evidence and confirm that the death was indeed a suicide.

Cedar's Take: Mainstream Media doesn't report on suicides as a rule. The thinking is that reporting a suicide may cause additional suicides. But Cedar Posts thinks that the best prevention is open discussion about the issue and awareness.

Miss America

When I heard that Miss "New York" had won the Miss America title I was pretty surprised. New York isn't known for attractive or personable women. So the truth comes out, Miss America Mallory Hagan is from Alabama and attended Auburn University.

Her reaction captured in this photo is pure Southern Girl.

Y'all know Southern Girls Rule!


Thanks to a bag of contaminated cypress mulch from Lowes and the warm weather my yard is growing these freaks of nature.

Say hello to the Columned Stinkhorn Mushroom.


Yes this sucker stinks! You can smell it about ten feet away.


Anonymous said...

I agree about it should be reported to bring awareness and offer help line numbers for those thinking of taking their own life! As far as your mushrooms, either remove the infected mulch or treat with a fungicide before the insects get on them and spread them through out your area and your neighbors (round up won't work)

Anonymous said...

How terrible that you would try to profit by posting news of someone's suicide.

Sick very sick.

Anonymous said...

Any idea who this person was? Nothing on the local news. Did it even happen?

Anonymous said...

A suicide that was indeed a homicide...?

Cedar Posts said...

6:15 My typo, homicide was called into to be sure it was not a homicide. Nothing official as of this a.m. but officers say there are two witnesses who gave the same account of what happened

Anonymous said...

The bitch had it coming and yeah I pushed her.

Anonymous said...

"The bitch had it coming and yeah I pushed her."

Really??? You have nothing better to do than make rude comments?
Why don't you consider her family and friends who see this?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your information about witnesses?

Anonymous said...

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7500 Rea Rd



Anonymous said...

^^ What does that mean?