Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Wrap Up - Sunshine Edition

CMPD Captain Chuck Adkins termination hearing is now set to be called on Monday February 25 at 8:30 a.m.

The Civil Service Board hearings are held at The Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center Room 14 Room Basement.

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe is seeking to fire Capt. Chuck Adkins but as with all terminations officers can appeal the termination to the Civil Service Board.

The board, which can overturn the firing, was scheduled to take up Adkins’ earlier this month but the hearing was postponed at the last moment.

According to the Charlotte Observer "Adkins, was assigned to the watch commander's office often overseeing police operations on nights or weekends, has stated publiclly he doesn’t believe his actions warranted termination. and has asked the hearing be held in public."

Cedar's Take: The highly unusual move should shed some "Sunshine" on CMPD's termination process and the effectiveness of the Civil Service Board.

More from the Charlotte Observer here.

Jerry Orr - Charlotte's curmudgeonly airport manager is keeping a low profile as he continues to push his secession plan. Cedar Posts has long pointed out that Charlotte's cash cow, the airport needed tighter control and should contribute to the city's bottom line.

Now a number of revelations have exposed some shady financial dealings and that is just the tip of the "berg". Meanwhile local Democrats are crying foul, yet make no effort to clean up the mess and there are few if any guarantees that taking the airport away from the City of Charlotte will clean up the mess.

CMPD Promotions - Water cooler talk is that Eddie Levins will be promoted to Deputy Chief and Freda Lester will get the nod to Major. Other promotions will follow, but notable are those who were passed over, including Majors Sheri Pearsal and Cam Selvey.

Cedar's Take: Big Head Ed needs to step up his game and honor the spirit of the thin blue line.

In other words, here is a chance for someone in Command to make a difference, to lead by example. One of the most glaring things I've seen since Chief Monroe's arrival was during a Holiday Event. When it came time to form up at the buffet line, the Chief follow by nearly every DC, Major and Captain lead the way. That, as any military commander would tell you is just all sorts of wrong. Troops eat first, always the Chief should have been last. 

Social Media Follies - While a number of Charlotte's news personalities have Facebook and Twitter accounts, apparently only WCNC "requires" reporters and anchors to "tweet" at least once a day and follow strict guidelines and polices which are deemed to "enhance" the stations visibility.

WCNC's Dianne Gallagher created her "required" Facebook page adding "I reluctantly present my mandatory Facebook Page. I just didn't want to make a page....but I don't really have a choice."

Dianne Gallagher is an award winning reporter/anchor at NBC Charlotte/WCNC. Political junkie. Sport nut. Dog Lover. Polyglot (x6) News tips:
Cedar's Take: Micro managers are the scourge of the business world. In other words, if it is not broken don't fix it.

Charlotte's Mayor Foxx - had his twitter account hacked over the weekend and suddenly his followers found themselves on the receiving end of tweets advertising "Sunshine wants to share her private photos with you".

Cedar's Take: Only an idiot would actually click on the link and then enter his password which automatically turned his account in a spambot.

CMPD Officer Trial Postponed - Cecil Brathwaite who is still on the CMPD payroll was on the Mecklenburg Superior Court calendar this week, but his trial was moved back to April 25, 2013. Brathwaite is charged with false imprisonment and assault with a gun during a domestic dispute with his ex wife and the victim the ex wife's boyfriend.

More on Brathwaite's arrest here.

NOTE: It is not often that CP shuts down the comments on a post. However, when it starts going over the top and the personal attacks get out of hand, it is time to take a deep breath.

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Carry On - Cedar


Anonymous said...

Shed sunshine on CMPD's termination process? You meant to say- reveal how inept Adkins was as a police officer right?

Anonymous said...

Rob you're back! I thought you swore off reading this blog? Just can't help yourself can you.

Yep Atkins was the most misguided cop on the force good thing he's is going to have an open hearing so we can get all the nasty details.

Can't wait bud, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Dianne Gallaher is one leggy girl.

Anonymous said...

9:20 Smart guy that you are tell us how you define inept?

Failing to follow orders to cook the records in communications? Failing to follow the chief's efforts to cover up the Marcus Jackson case? Failing to destory 911 recording of Jackson's victims?

Yep he's not a butt muncher like you, so I guess he's inept.

Anonymous said...

I doubt any of the main stream media will show any interest in Adkins. There won't be any fireworks because Rodney has already been working the CSB.

Anonymous said...

So Cedar you are saying Mayor Fixx it was trying to look at porn and got scammed into giving up his password and then his account was spamming everyone that was following him on his twitter account?

If true why did the local media report this?

Anonymous said...

Cedar, what do you mean by saying Levins needs to have the spirit of the thin blue line?

Anonymous said...

Adkins is old news, and I don't expect Rodney to stay around much longer with cuts coming to CMPD's retirement plan thanks for former mayor and now gov McFunkyou we are not going to be in his plans much longer.

Anonymous said...

they scheduled the hearing for time when 1st shift employees of CMPD or with jobs elsewhere can't attend without taking vacation. Wasn't the other one scheduled for 4:30?

Anonymous said...

The only thing they are saying is that the hearing will be sometime between 8:30 a.m. on Monday and 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

No one will know the exact time until the case is called, just like real court.

Anonymous said...

Y'all wanna shut up about Adkins? I want to see more of Dianne Gallagher!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:20
From what I am told, Adkins was an exemplary Officer who was on the fast track(FBI School, etc.), when he got on the wrong side of Wonderful Katrina "Backstabber" Graue. She is really good at pretending to be on your side, while orchestrating ypur downfall and betraying you....very vindictive, and a hatchet man for her superiors.

There are always two sides, folks.....always.

Anonymous said...

I think Cedar is suggesting that Levins step out from behind the white shirt and take the DC job back to the place of honor it should be and not an extension of Ridney Monroe and his goons.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that.

I still want to hear Cedar's interpretation--since he was referred to as "Big Head Ed" it's hard to say if his meaning was complimentary, like what you suggest.

And the suggestion by the CRB that the case will be "called" between those hours would only apply if they don't know the schedule. And if there were other hearings scheduled for that day. Are there other hearings that day? Otherwise there's no reason a specific time shouldn't be given.

Anonymous said...

Eddie is a local guy, big head Ed has been his name since high school. He does have a big Head however.
As for Atkins, he may be getting screwed on this deal, however, he has NEVER been what one would call exemplary. He wasn't the worst, but damn sure not as great as some here may make him.