Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CMPD Promotions

We've known for weeks but now they are official.

From: Graue, Katrina

Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:28 PM

On behalf of Chief Monroe, I am pleased to announce promotions pending Civil Service approval.

To Deputy Chief

Major Eddie Levins

To Major

Captain Allan Rutledge
Captain Mike Smathers
Captain Mike Adams
Captain Freda Lester

To Captain

Lieutenant Ryan Butler
Lieutenant Rob Dance
Lieutenant Todd Garrett
Lieutenant Rich Austin
Lieutenant Gerard Farley
Lieutenant Todd Lontz

To Lieutenant

Staff Sergeant Christian Wagner
Staff Sergeant Tom Barry
Staff Sergeant Brad Koch
Staff Sergeant Rich Stahnke
Staff Sergeant Brian Sanders
Sergeant Steven Durant
Sergeant Bret Balamucki
Sergeant Dave Robinson
Sergeant Anderson Royston
Sergeant Alex Watson

To Sergeant

Officer Celestine Ratliff
Officer Donald Penix
Officer Jeff Sterrett
Officer Caleb Komis
Officer Scott Sweatt
Officer Melvin Miner
Officer Melissa Kiefer

A promotional ceremony is planned for Friday, March 8 at 1000 hours at the Police Training Academy.

Please plan to join us to celebrate the accomplishment of those being promoted.


Anonymous said...

Eddie is not a bad guy, and I don't blame him for keeping his head down. There is only so much friction you can cause before Rodney targets you.

Just ask Jeff and Chuck.

Anyway Levins is too close to retirement to mess it up. And as you might have noticed even those who are active Di*k Holes aren't getting the promotions.

Anonymous said...

Considering the others that were available for promotion to D/C I personally am very pleased to see Levins get promoted. The department could have been permanently damaged for many years considering who else could have been promoted. Levins has the experience to do well. Sure, he can be an ass sometimes but who isn't. I wish him good luck in his new position......

Anonymous said...

I like Eddie, he doesn't wear his rank never has, worked with him on and off at the cable box always easy going.

Frankly I'm surprised RoMo didn't pick one of his homies or someone with way less people skills.

Anonymous said...

Lester to Major? There are better than a dozen people more qualified. Good Grief.

Anonymous said...

We have already known this already. CMPD is going to SHIT!!! Especially that Freda Lester has been promoted. I agree with you anon February 28, 2013 at 8:39 PM

Anonymous said...

Well, Smathers is a LOT worse than Lester.

He went to the NON leadership RayRay school....throw your rank around, Yell and scream, have a tantrum to get what you want. Couldn't lead his way out of a wet paper bag. vindictive little guy, too.

Fits right in in this regime....

Anonymous said...

Capt. Farley is the best choice made. I cant think of a better person and a true Officer that WORKED is way to that rank!!!

C.F.F you rock!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Capt. Farley (C.F.F)
This is a great leader and a true Officer that has earned his rank. I had the honor to work with and for him over the years and has always been true to his word. There is hope for our Dept. with good men working there way to the top!