Monday, February 25, 2013

In Case You Missed It - CMPD Internal Affairs Division Addresses Citizens Review Board

How CMPD's Internal Affairs fits with the Citizens Review Board.

Before citizens take complaints of misconduct to the Citizens Review Board, they must wait for findings from CMPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

CMPD disciplined hundreds of officers between 2004 and 2011, Internal Affairs reports show.

More than 3,500 allegations accusing police of misconduct were filed during those eight years. A majority of the complaints – more than 2,100 – were levied by police officers against fellow officers. Citizens filed more than 1,400 complaints.

Internal Affairs found police misconduct in 26 percent of complaints lodged by citizens. When CMPD supervisors and officers filed complaints, 85 percent, more than 1,800, led to findings of misconduct.

More than 3,000 disciplinary actions, including more than 500 suspensions, were levied against officers during the eight-year period. Officers were given written reprimands more than 900 times. They were ordered to undergo counseling more than 1,300 times.

Fifty-four officers were fired. Seventy-five resigned.

Offenses included rule violations, unbecoming conduct, neglect of duty and use of force.

When citizens aren’t satisfied with outcomes of the Internal Affairs investigations, they can appeal to the Citizens Review Board. But citizens have never won a case before the 11-member panel.

Maj. Cam Selvey, who heads CMPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, doesn’t believe the review board is a rubber stamp for the police department.

“It means the CMPD does a good job of taking care of discipline in the organization,” Selvey said. “I think the people of this community would have reason to be concerned if the Citizens Review Board was disagreeing with us a lot. That would be an indication of a systemic problem within the organization. We don’t have that type of problem here.”


Anonymous said...

Major Cam Sevley is full of crap. "We don't have that type of problem here" ??

Maybe he's right to say it's not a systemic problem. It's a personal and personnel problem. It's people like in his position covering up the truth, using IA to punish arbitrarily at the whim of Monroe or other upper brass, and using IA to cover up bad officer conduct.

Lies will come out. Soon.

Ask him what they were doing for 9 months last year until the IA report came out. Trying to fix the numbers? Negotiating with the DA's office? They won't give an answer. Andrew Murray is up to his eyeballs in this, too.


Anonymous said...

So tired of reading "soon" on comments about CMPD. I've been hearing/reading that for years. If there was blatant corruption at CMPD, it would have come out by now. Big secrets are hard to hide. Prosecutable ones are damn near impossible.

The lies and BS that goes around happens in every organization, the downside here is that we are police officers and the public expects better of us. I'd like to see the rules enforced from the patrol level up to the chief. I think it is time to cut the pettiness.

The CRB should be redone, to include new members, and granted additional powers by the city council. If we had a police commission, like LAPD, many of these issues would go before them, and it often doesn't bode well for the officer...if he is to blame, they blame him, they don't wash it over.

Anonymous said...

LAPD! Yea, there's a real model agency to emulate. Maybe we could strive for some of the practices of New Orleans too!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is, you cannot believe anything anyone says on Command Staff.

Monroe has NO leadership skills. And no new ideas. He does not have a clue how to lead and innovate.

And if he is "leading by example".....well, that will get you nowhere but down.

Selvey is just his YesMan. Can't trust him... Like most at CMPD. IA is totally useless for getting at the truth.
Prime example: Braithwaite. But, color matters.

Rodney has stacked the deck with all of his unqualified Yes People that owe him for their promotions. Because they KNOW they would not have been promoted if not for Rodney. Rodney owns them.

Anonymous said...

"If there was blatant corruption at CMPD, it would have come out by now. Big secrets are hard to hide. Prosecutable ones are damn near impossible."

This is complete B.S. example after example have been brought forward, but Monroe hides, disrupts, obscures, misstates *insert your own word* information and when it comes out, he backsteps or makes up excuses. The problem is that he is being supported in doing this by his bosses and lackeys.

The only authority to do anything is the SBI/FBI and private-brought lawsuits, but those entities need the information held by the police. And the will to go get it. Or some honest officers who know & have access to come forward.

Anonymous said...

The CRB is a joke. Staffed by dirty, politically connected people who want power without accountability. They should be disbanded. We have Civil Service Board for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Agree CRB is a joke. Don't believe CSB is any better in terms of training, effectiveness, accountability, truthful review. At least if you lose there, you can appeal to Superior Court. Difficult and expensive.

Wrongly accused officers are in trouble trying to fight.
Wrong-acting officers often have acts excused when they shouldn't.

IA at the root of the problem. Sets off domino of wrong acts if they don't do the right thing.

Bad leadership and individual acts are the complete issue. Secrecy, covering, smacking people who do the right thing, are all rampant and wrong.

Anonymous said...

A lot of whining going on here. STFU as they say and get back to work!!

Anonymous said...

As who says? Rob?
your favorite expression.
Check the First Amendment.

And then translate it for Monroe.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:08
You truly are a douche , Rob,

Crawl back in your hidey hole.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.....get back to work you loafers!! And STFU too!!
Aint't nothing going to happen in Rodney's world !!

I am out of the hidey hole !!!! LOL