Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lisa Pistolis Probable Cause Hearing

This afternoon Charleston County Magistrate James Gosnell determined that probable cause did exist and the Felony DUI case against Lisa Pistolis will move forward.

Lisa Pistolis, 24 Courtesy Charleston County Sheriff

Pistolis has remained behind bars since the January 27, accident that claimed the life of Serjei Cahuantzi ,35 of Charleston and seriously injured his passenger on I-525 in North Charleston.

Pistolis was not in court for today's hearing and was represented but her court appointed attorney Alica Penn.

During the hearing North Charleston Police Officer Jonathan Lawrence highlighted the facts, including that both vehicles were traveling east bound on 526 when Pistolis lost control and struck the Jeep driven by Cahuantzi. Cahuantzi died at the scene and his passenger was take to MUSC with internal injuries. Pistolis was also transported and administered sobriety tests.

NCPD Officer Lawrence stated the Pistolis acknowledged drinking "one beer" at Gene's Haufbrau in West Ashley. Lawrence was asked by Assistant Solicitor Larry Todd if Pistolis seemed remorseful his response a simple "no". According to Mr. Todd additional witnesses stated that Pistolis shared two pitchers of mimosas and beer while at the bar.

Cedar's Take: Tragic event all around, and one has to wonder why Pistolis has not been able to raise enough to secure the $73,000.00 bail or why Pistolis' public defender has not requested a reduction in the bail amount.

Even if the facts don't play out as the state would like, this young attractive woman has ruined her life. I'm sure she never thought she would find herself behind bars looking at 20 year sentence. The truth is if you drink and drive this can happen to you and if you are in an accident, this will happen to you.

Fact is she shouldn't have had the first beer. Had her answer been "I have not had anything to drink" she would be at home right now. It is that simple. You drink you don't drive. Period.

Hat tip to Andrew Knapp for tweeting today's court hearing from which much of the above was derived.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Cedar why hasn't someone posted her bail?

Don't you only need like 10%?

It doesn't look good for her but really if she is going to spend the next 20 years in prison she really needs time to get her head on right.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

She might as well start serving her time now, 20 years is a long time to watch your face age and your hair turn gray and wondering whatever happened to that fun life you had before you killed someone.

Hope you rot bitch!

Anonymous said...

She is guilty and she knows it she might as well start loving life in a cell.

Anonymous said...

I think a bunch of Citadel guys are trying to raise the money to get her out for spring break. They figure they would keep her around like a house pet.

Anonymous said...

Whether you think she deserves what she gets or not, there is no need for the crude postings. Calling her names and making sexual comments about her isn't helping the families on either side. All you're doing is being purposefully malicious. Not only that, but I'm sure you realize that she isn't reading your comments. So, your maliciousness is being aimed toward family & friends who weren't even involved. Grow up. What she did was wrong, but what you're doing is sadistic.

Anonymous said...

This should be an eye-opener for anyone who drinks and drives, which is probably the vast majority of people posting here or reading these posts.In a split second an innocent driver has lost his life, and this girl's life is basically over as well. I read in the P+C that the max sentence is 40 years, not the 20 reported here. I can't imagine being 24 and then getting out of prison at 64, over a couple of pitchers of mimosas. One phone call to a friend or a cab and this innocent guy is still alive, and this girl is home sleeping off a hangover. Such a waste...

Anonymous said...

She did something wrong, my heart goes out to her, it's a bitter lesson, I feel for both families, I pray the judge shows her mercy. I pray for her, that is all we can do. One life lost, and one ruined. We all make mistakes and this is just devastating to her family as well. folks please let us not judge or condemn others, we can offer prays for both families.Hopefully , she will receive Christ. Remember, let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone. Please pray for her. The man who died is now with our savior in a better world. Let us not be bitter and unforgiving.

Anonymous said...

This young lady is someones daughter and sister. She is young and made a huge mistake.Please stop these nasty comments. How can people say she has no remorse, I am sure she cannot say anything... behind bars and with no one to support her, her heart must be aching.There is always a story behind every individuals senseless act or good works. I cannot imagine losing my son or brother in a wreck like this, it is just very painful and hard to make sense off, just like any school shootings or anything else. This girl is going through enough persecution.

Jim Houston said...

So it's almost a year later and nothing more has been written about this at all since last April. Is she still in jail? Amazing how big stories like this just fall on the floor. No follow-up coverage - nothing. What's up with that? If you're not going to report the whole story, don't even start.