Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hanna Elizabeth Rigley, 18, and Arielle McKenzie Troutman, 16

This story from the Charlotte Observer comfirms much of what Cedar Posts reported on Monday:

Two days before Arielle Troutman was found dead alongside her best friend on train tracks in south Charlotte, a breakup with her girlfriend put the 16-year-old in “a dark place,” her father told the Observer on Tuesday.

Arielle and 18-year-old Hannah Elizabeth Rigley were found dead early Sunday near where the tracks meet Monroe Road and the McAlpine Creek greenway.
A train conductor said he saw someone sleeping on the tracks, but couldn’t stop in time. Paramedics found the two teens dead beneath the train.
Jamie Troutman is not sure why his daughter died – whether because of a drug overdose or suicide or some other cause. He said he hasn’t received a final answer from police or the Mecklenburg Medical Examiner’s Office.

The rest of the Observer Story is here.


Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts= Fake Journalism. Face it, you're a "News Reporter" wannabe pee wee. Why hide it? All you ever do is summarize stories that have already been reported in the main stream media, then act like you've got some brilliant new angle. Or write about the (usually wrong) rumor mill at CMPD. Go grind that axe somewhere else. Compelling blogging is not your strong suit. Now, don't you have some deep sea fishing to get back to?

Anonymous said...

You are wrong you stupid jackass! Cedar has it exactly right this time! It doesnt take a lot of journalism skills to look at these girls various social media profiles to see that it was suicide. As far as tge CMPD reporting, he's dead on right about that too! I bet you believe in the "hope and change" philosophy too that your president is preaching too. Mainstream media is too politically correct to report the truth! They are worried they might offend someone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:56

This is Cedar's blog. If he has an axe to grind, it should be here.

Have YOU thought of going somewhere else instead?

Honestly how ignorant are you to come to someone's blog and tell them to go "somewhere else". That is like going to someone's house and telling them to GTFO.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see haters on the CP blog.

Tells me he is still doing a good job of annoying CMPD Command and others.

This post CP clearly shows it is a story from The Charlotte Observer.

But if you go back to Monday and Tuesday's follow up you will notice that the ground work was laid for the Observer's story.

Leading me to think MSM picked up on Cedar's post and put a half dozen reporters on it.

As far as CMPD I think Cedar has broken more stories than all the MSM combined.

Foster's unpaid property taxes, Monroe's shady deals, Medlocks departure, the Chaplins firing and on and on.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It was a suicide. I saw a picture of a screen shot that Hanna wrote about their plan. They had the whole day planned out up to the point where they laid down together on the tracks and waited. It was completely heartbreaking...