Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Case You Missed It - Charlotte Airport Hot Mess

After months of CP's screaming into the wind about the Jerry Orr vs. Rodney Monroe turf war, the Charlotte Observer picked up the scent and did what newspapers should do, investigate.

In today's paper reporters Ely Portillo and Steve Harrison dig into CMPD and CDIA emails and discover that the "Emails show months of bitter bickering between airport, city officials"

Cedar's Take: D'oh!

"The hundreds of emails between airport officials and police, obtained in a public records request, reveal that both sides have been busy documenting that the other is a poor choice for policing the airport.
Airport officials have compiled complaints about CMPD officers, including allegations of slow response times and photos of groups of officers eating together in the concourse. US Airways, the airport’s biggest tenant, has complained about CMPD and the more than 100 percent increase in the cost for officers."

While the turf war rages on, none of this should be a surprise to anyone. Cedar Posts has for months pressed the view that Jerry Orr - Curt Walton - Rodney Monroe was a dysfunctional at best arrangement. Regardless of which of the 3 is the root cause of the infighting the real blame falls squarely on the dais of the Charlotte City Council which seldom if ever is aware of how poorly things are being run at the airport.

The infighting and lack of oversight by Charlotte's City Council is a potent argument for removing control from the city and creating an Airport Authority to manage the monster that Jerry Orr has created in West Charlotte.

Cedar's Take: The burgeoning behemoth with its ever expanding flight patterns and noise has drastically reduced the quality of life for much of Charlotte's residents. Until recently the only aircraft noise I have heard in my back yard was a very rare CMPD helo overhead. Now for some reason my home of the last 20 years is on an approach pattern for one of Charlotte's 4 runways. The train of aircraft in the early evening is continuous and troubling.

Jerry Orr and his alliance with USAirways has built an airport that is absurdly large for a city the size of Charlotte. The "too big to fail" operation needs new oversight and management now!

The complete story from the Charlotte Observer is here.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, ah yes. Right where he should be. The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) is gearing for a fight. Just like he did for the open sewer of Charlotte, where he took this city upon his mighty back and single handedly engaged evil-doers and cut crime, he is now taking on Grandpa Orr in a clash for the ages. The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) is ready. He will move resources, mountains if he has too, in order to repeat his mantra that CRIME IS DOWN!! The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) is not ready to accept the Airport Police until they themselves are ready. They must drink the sacred nectar and repeat CRIME IS DOWN. With his loyal dog bellamy at his side, The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) is ready to send Grandpa packing for the retirement home. For total defeat to be realized, Grandpa MUST suckle at the nipple of the great and powerful Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Orr has been dirty for years and continues to be. He is attempting to have Blythe Construction bypass zoning and permiting to get things done his way, he has stolen from airport construction projects, he continues to corrupt anything and anyone around him including his buddy Bob Rucho. If the observer wants to find something out, they should be reading Rucho's emails. I don't know if Bob understands when DOJ gets rolling on Orr, they're going to rope him in also with what he has been doing.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Orr wants CMPD out. He can't control them and it will be difficult to hide his crimes now. Maybe that is why Orr ordered the CMPD officer's access restricted and keeping them from places where evidence of these crimes may be (CLT Center, Admin areas, etc...).

Garth Vader said...

Don't worry CP, if they move the runway pattern you'll still hear the constant hum of President Peace Prize's drone force.

Anonymous said...

Well....looks like Orr has some pull. If airport officers thought they'd be better off with the state running things they are sadly mistaken. CD will become a cash cow for the state with none of the funds going back into it. Rucho and his crew will benefit. I'm ashamed that conservative Republicans went along with this. Put Law Enforcement where it should be with CMPD.