Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Odds and Ends - Love The Way You Lie Edition

West Hartford - A Gay Connecticut couple are in court this week fighting for the right to adopt a 18 month old boy. The adoption agency sponsored by the Hartford Area Catholic Diocese says they lied on their application by using the one man's nick name "Toni" rather than his given name Thomas.

The men both in their 50's also stated they has tried for years to have a child but where unsuccessful due to fertility issues.

The Hartford Area Diocese had let the couple serve as foster parents even though they had never actually met Toni.

Cedar's Take: Oh I'm sure I'll hear about this one, but you got to feel bad for the kid. In the parent lottery this poor guy has rolled snake eyes two times in a row. Your birth parents dump you and then you not only do get two gay guys as your adoptive parents but they are idiots.

CIAA Tournament - Officials portrayed last week's events a success and stated they can't wait to return next year. CMPD reported only 21 arrests and added that the week was remarkably calm citing lower arrests than last year.

But is that true?

CP hears that CMPD Officers on more than one occasion just let the brawls and fights play out.

In one situation the Officers were by far out numbered with one Captain ordering a "retreat" stating it just wasn't "worth the risk" to try and arrest the instigators. Might have been a wise choice.

Seems CMPD was understaffed, with dozens of officers being told late Frida and Saturday that they were being "Voluntold" to work the CIAA after completing their regular shift.

Metro Transit Police Department - Officers In Washington DC are pretty lean on patrol cars since they spend most of their time riding the rails. However CP hears they have just ordered a fully tricked out SUV for the Chief.

This would not be odd except the chief of MTPD resigned back in December and is supposed to leave after 30+ years at the end of this month.

Charlotte Taxpayers, a title that is tossed around and given to just about anyone. The Charlotte Observer recently referred to Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma Leake as "serving west Charlotte Taxpayers".

But the truth is, West Charlotte is over run with people who pay little if any taxes.

Cedar Posts personally pays property tax in 28277, 28209, 28208 and in Charleston, South Carolina. But the only say in how that money is spent comes via Bill James and Warren Cooksey.

Even though I pay an amazing amount of taxes in "West Charlotte" Vilma Leake doesn't represent me.

In addition to property tax I also pay state and federal income tax, again I have little say so in how that money is spent. I also have a pretty good feeling that many of West Charlotte's residents earn incomes that are un-taxable.

They are not tax free just un-taxable. Income from drug dealing, selling stolen property, prostitution, insurance fraud and scamming the system, all cash and un-taxable. Food stamps are not taxable income nor are purchases made with food stamps subject to sales tax.

Since much of the property in west Charlotte is not owner occupied and the tax payers live elsewhere the "taxpayers" are not really represented.

The bottom line is those of us who pay the majority of property taxes, sales taxes and income taxes in Mecklenburg County have a disproportional lack of representation within the Charlotte City Council and the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners.

In other words Vilma Leake represents the "Citizens of West Charlotte" not the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

CMPD did in fact step away from a number of out of control fight both at the TW Arena and Civic Center.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you have offended both the LGBT people and the ghetto rats in the same post you musta had a bad weekend?

Anonymous said...

I know what you are saying there Cedar I have heard the rumors but no way way because it would be too good. Any old ways it would have to be a Crown Vic because his legs aren't long enough to get into a SUV.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about DC Metro?

Anonymous said...

It's not DC Metro it is Metro Transit Police.

Anonymous said...

Cedar just because someone doesn't own a home doesn't mean they don't pay the property tax.

It is called rent. Which allows the tax to be paid.

If you are going to go off on one of your racist rants why don't you think it over a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Between the visitors of the city for CIAA walking around drunk or high, or smoking weed as they walked around, or open containers everywhere etc. etc. etc. the CMPD was told to just leave the fine visitors of our city be and let them have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a brand new ride for monroe when he gets there. when is the announcement?

Anonymous said...

I hope RoMo doesn't let the door kick him in the ass. But have heard nothing of the sort. Might just be wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

So what is up with the Metro SUV?

Why do I get sense that you are asking your readers to "read between the lines"?

I don't know but uptown we are hearing Monroe is on his way out. Where well sounds like DC, when soon, why no telling.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I'd like to think RoMo is out the door but I think I'll wait for something besides a vague blog post before I drop a duce in his office chair.

No offense.