Monday, April 8, 2013

Another North Carolina Dog Fighting Operation Busted

A raid by Halifax County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday resulted in the seizure of 21 pit bulls who were potentially used for dog fighting. Also seized was drug paraphernalia, and Zhaqwaun Jevontae Gary, 19, of Roanoke Rapids, is facing charges related to the manufacture of marijuana, felony possession of marijuana and maintaining a vehicle/dwelling place for controlled substance (felony).

Confidential sources led to the raid of the property according to Chief Deputy Wes Tripp. “Upon the arrival of Sgt. Randy Keeton, he reported seeing a large number of cars in the yard and lights on in a shed behind the residence,” Tripp said. “Once he pulled in the yard, he observed several people running to leave the area. Keeton was able to locate the owner of the property. After receiving consent, Sgt. Keeton was able to observe evidence to substantiate the report of dog fighting.”

Police then obtained a separate search warrant and examining the property thoroughly. “While processing the shed, a separate room to the shed was found, inside was a grow of marijuana,” Tripp said. “Narcotic agents with the Sheriff’s Office were called to scene and a search warrant was served for the inside grow of marijuana.”

The dogs rescued included 19 pit bulls and 2 puppies, some of which had past injuries consistent with dog fighting. Animal Control Officer Robert Richardson indicated that a dog fighting pen, dog training weights, syringes and animal medication were located. More arrests are pending in the case but the dogs are now safe and being treated.


Samantha Laine said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph wept. This takes number of NC dogs seized in fighting busts since 1.28.13 past 160. 6 counties. Starting in Mecklenburg. Thus far we only have four stand up guys: Sheriff Randy Cartwright in Pasquotank, Sheriff Ed Webb in Gates, Chiefs in Whiteville and Fair Bluffs.

Well, there is one other stand up guy. But he is such a little shugar.

Maybe there's a stand up guy at CMPD? Anything is possible. Given recent developments.

Anonymous said...


WTF, are you high?

Samantha Laine said...

@Anonymous Sarcasm. Recent developments not about the dogs. About $ for city.

Anonymous said...

CMPD needs to get off thier rears and begin a public involved campaign against dog fighting. First tho, they will have to convince the knuckleheads in raleigh to write new legislation with more "Teeth" in it and put these so called human beings in jail, and seize all properties owned, used or maintained for the purpose of dog fighting. Naw, they would rather stand up with so called Senator Richard Burr and take our guns. Douche bag