Friday, April 5, 2013

CMPD Chief Monroe's Letter to City Manager Ron Carlee

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Anonymous said...

So, is it possible Monroe & CMPD are watching us all walk to lunch downtown from the "command center" we paid millions for, but they don't have access to the airport cameras? It sounds like he's saying that, but it's a little unclear.

His new devotion to following UCR reporting standards and searching for criminals when they commit crimes would be a remarkable departure from how he runs CMPD.

The mention of the "opportunity" to review airport security when Tisdale stowed away and subsequently fell out of the airplane to his death is interesting, since he doesn't mention that--at least as far as the public has been told--Monroe still hasn't got a flipping clue how Tisdale got in to the airplane wheel well. There are no mentions of any corrective security measures that have been taken in the years since. Embarrassing, to say the least. Strange that he brought it up.

Is this a retreat letter for the impending airport authority taking away control again, or is it an aggressive note to stake his claim?

WTH? And the relatively tiny amount of reclaimed money mentioned by Homeland Security as a point of pride is baffling.