Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Wrap Up - Would You Please Hold My Umbrella? Edition

Barry Can't Catch a Break - You've seen the photos, and heard all the spin right and left. Here's the real deal, US Presidents every once and a while end up standing in the rain talking to the gathered masses. and when they do someone in uniform normally holds the umbrella.

The reason is simple the uniform represents the nation and not one smuck singled out for some sub subservient duty.

While right wing crazies are aghast it is totally acceptable.

Airport Cash Cow - Jerry Orr has run CDIA like his own personal fiefdom but has done so on the backs of Charlotte area taxpayers. True or False?

Jerry will argue that the airport hasn't cost residents a dime and that we have a "world class airport" thanks to him.

But why? And what is the true cost? Beyond the local jobs what are the benefits?

It is clearly not a win/win for Charlotte. Property values far beyond the airport have suffered. Plans to build a 5th runway are in the works and the airport keeps getting larger.

US Airways is demanding a seat on the board of any airport authority. Why?

Isn't it time we take a serious look at the airport? As tax payers shouldn't Charlotte residents get to "cash out" if the airport is handed to a regional authority?

The idea that is was all free is horse play and Charlotte Area Taxayers have paid for this monitor and we should all get a piece of the action.

Charlotte Traffic - The long awaited Expansion of 485 from Johnston Road to I-77 in South Charlotte has begun. The current mess has been made worse by the recently added concrete walls that have driver brake taping like a bunch of nervous women at a church niƱo game.

When is a Tree Not a Tree - CP can't find the words to explain this, except it is just all kinds of wrong. Seriously this thing is worse than a flashing bill board and is visible for about four miles both east and west of its location at the Jay Robinson Middle School in South Charlotte along 485.

Elevation Church - Got to love these Elavation Church Cheerleaders especially those who like to hog two parking spaces in a busy shopping center.

Another reason to vote down the Elevation Church compound rezoning request for Ballentyne, they obviously need a supersized parking lt. 

CP Hiatius - I'm on a Boat! It's that time of year when tourists flock to Charleston and CP along with the "General" and our crews are running boats and hosting events for the Spolato Festival over the next few weeks. Back to a normal routine soon.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother, Amen. Any automobile I've ever seen with an Elevation Church something or other on it has been occupied by, or driven by, an oblivious idiot, an asshole, or both.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that too! And it's consistent which really makes you wonder. I know I'm supposed to love my brothers and sisters but they really make it hard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Overpriced Charleston boat rides. That fits you so well.

Will you entertain your nautical guests by singing all the verses of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" or just serve cheap white wine and Buffalo Wings from Costco?

Time to shove off matey........

Anonymous said...

Putney to remain at CMPD. Where is the headline? Outrage?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1:43 and 5:58!I would like to invite you to Elevation Church for an experience you will never forget. Our mission is see people far from God raised to life in Christ. I am sure the person who cannot seem to park the ginormous vehicle in the photo may be clueless about operating the aforementioned vehicle, but we are about forgiveness, not judgment. We would love to have you as a VIP and(first time visitor!) at Elevation! CP, why are you hating on Elevation?

Anonymous said...


How does Elevation Church and/or members judge who is "far from god"?

Anonymous said...

@8:13, that is totally up to you. No one can make that decision but you. Maybe our statement should be revised as to say "those who feel far from God" but then again, if you feel far from God, you probably are.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more on the tree...whoever approved this is either getting paid under the table by the cell company, or is blind as a bat.
To coincide with the Elevation comment, why not sell it off as a giant cross and to the highest bidder? Elevation seems to have plenty of money, and the city certainly could use it.

Anonymous said...

Did they vote on the Ballantyne location yet?

Are any of the Elevation Church locations in lower income areas, or on the west side?