Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Op-Ed By Francis C Brame - Nincompoops on City Council

Yeah!  Those nincompoops need to be run out of Charlotte on a slick greased pole. 

The Idiots ripped off taxpayers to hire a consultant to chart the fate of Douglas International Airport.  Now the Idiots are trying to understand why the consultant (for which we paid a King's Ransom) stated that Douglas International Airport has been "spectacularly successful" while city-run; but out of the other side of their mouth stated the Airport should be run by a new Regional Authority. 

You can't get more diabolically confused than that; but you know a Coon is easily spooked, especially when it has a stolen nut in it's jaw.

Well, an Idiot is an Idiot by any other name.  And these Idiots think the taxpayers are mere ATMs for their pleasures and wild spending attacks.  Well, Idiots, revenge is Sweet. 

The only sensible member of Charlotte City Council is Mr. Bill James and I thank God for you Mr.
James. Charlotte needs to vote those Coons off their perceived pedestals.

And on top of all this craziness the Idiots are raising real estate taxes to the tune of 7.75%.  How shameful the working poor are held hostage to upkeep those worthless Uptown Coons in Public Housing, Food Stamps, Free Medical care and Jail Upkeep.  Yeah! 80% to 90% of Jailbirds are worthless Coons. 

Couldn't we thin the herds??  

Francis C Brame - Charlotte, NC

Cedar Posts Says: Francis Brame as CP understands it, is a  woman in her 80's from Myers Park who happens to have a computer and is a passionate racist. Most of her ramblings are not fit for print or broadcast never to be seen except on sites like "Chimp-Out".

Never the less if we don't understand that some, many or even just a few troubled souls have this perspective we can't fully understand the issue of race relations.

So what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Newsflash Francis...Bill James is a County Commissioner, not a City Councilman. He lost his one attempt to run for that group.