Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rotelli Pizza and Pasta Closes

Rotelli, a favorite with south Charlotte families on the run has closed their doors. Sources tell CP that a long running disagreement between partners and a break down in lease negotiations over the last several months caused the sudden shut down.

Cedar's Take: The resturant biz is though, food and insurance costs have eroded profit margins. Sales taxes, minimum wage requirements, fees and permits take their toll. The last thing a small business needs is a money grab from one partner.

If rumors floating around the food service world are correct, one partner wanted either out or just to cash in and felt that a money grab via not paying the rent was the way to proceed. This caused the landlord to apparently balk at renewing the lease unless the past due rents were paid in full.

The notice posted on the restaurant's door gives the unsuual spin that leaves promise of a fast return. But when a restauranteur moves a thriving business the results are often disastrous, even with the best planned and promoted effort.  A move of even a few blocks often is the death blow to thriving businesses. 

The property manager of the Carmel Village Shopping Center will have a hard time leasing the somewhat cramped corner office space. The area is littered with retail vacancies, and despite a recent refit of Carmel Commons many vacant store fronts linger.  

The back story is still coming into focus. But one partner seems noticeably absent fron the notice.

On the upside the food was great and Cedar will be first in line should they reopen.


Anonymous said...

Hate this for Steve and Family. The place was always full when we went and you're right the food was great.

Anonymous said...

Cedar why don't you tell the whole story? Is it because you have some connection to Stacey Simms?

Why don't you tell how her husband Slade Goldstien stole from his partners for fuel his drug habit?

How he mismanaged the bank account, failed to pay the rent and refused to help Steve secure a lease to continue the business.

What don't you tell how Goldstien demanded to be paid off and all the threats he made because Stacey had quit her well paying WBT Radio job.

Come on Cedar tell the facts!

Anonymous said...

I've heard much the same at least that one partner bankrupted the biz and stole thousands that were supposed to be used to pay the rent.

Anonymous said...

The place had great food. But the staff wasn't friendly unless they knew you. Sometimes they were down right "Soup Nazis".

Anonymous said...

Any word of their new location?

Anonymous said...

New location is a pipe dream. Without Goldstein's backing Steve and family can't get a lease.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

7:30, you give old shrimp boat captains more credit than they're worth. Silly rabbit, everyone knows washed up boat captains don't make good journalists or bloggers for that matter.