Friday, September 20, 2013

Roy Cooper Effectively Negates CMPD Officer Arrest SBI StartsInvestigation

When Mecklenburg County DA Andrew Murray handed the case against CMPD Officer Randall Kerrick to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper he forever changed the playing field, the rules and the teams.

Then Roy Cooper effectively dismissed Chief Monroe's rush to judgement, requesting that the NC SBI take over the investigation of the fatal shooting that happened nearly a week ago.

"We want our SBI agents to do an independent investigation, our attorneys will look carefully at all the laws and the facts and determine if other charges need to be brought." - Roy Cooper

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe emailed  a statement to WSOC saying he supports the decision to have the state attorney general handle the case, and that the department will fully cooperate by "turning over all evidence collected during the investigation as the department has done in prior cases."
Cedar's Take - it is not hard to imagine that Chief Monroe didn't see Murray's end run coming. What this means for the department is an unprecedented review of CMPD by the SBI and a do over for the arrest of Randall Kerrick. Expect that beyond the shooting the SBI will be looking into training, supervision, communications and the deartment's SOP that has evolved under Monroe.
It is Chief Monroe's SOP the requires "when there are multiple Officers on the scene with a combative person and he fails to follow commands, that only one Officer draws his weapon and requires that the others draw their Tasers". Following the Chief's SOP forces one Officer to use a gun even when he might feel a Taser would suffice. In other words Monroe's SOP gave Officer Kerrick little choice but to shoot his weapon when Ferrell charged out of the darkness. 


Anonymous said...

All right, this "it's Monroe's fault" is getting very tiresome. Every disgruntled CMPD employee can't lay everything that is wrong with this department at his feet. To suggest that he wrote this policy himself is a bit ridiculous. There is a lot of research that goes into developing policy and procedures and this specific one is likely used across this country by numerous police departments. Monroe isn't perfect, far from it, but this department is defined more by the interactions citizens have with individual police officers and with how safe they feel their communities are. Truth be told, Charlotte is very safe and the majority of our citizens feel the department is doing a good job.

As for this case, it would seem that Officer Kerrick, in that moment, feared for his life. It may have started out that he was following policy but in the blink of an eye applying common sense seemed to disappear. But, I was not there. At this juncture having an outside investigation isn't a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if departmental policy is as Cedar says then Kerrick followed policy. The suspect got tazed and kept coming so he shot him, since he kept coming he shot him a few more times.

Cold heartless murder but but the book. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Charging a police officer at 2:00 a.m. while being out numbered 3-1 has got to be a defining Darwin Moment.

Anonymous said...

You must be thinking of another police maybe the way it used to be.

The only thought and reaearch that goes into
SOP's at CMPD is: If rodney wants it, he gets it, PERIOD.
Many have tried to talk his clueless ass out of implementing
wreckless and thoughtless SOP's only to be told to shut up, that it is always rodney 's way. Rodney either totally ignores
SOP 's, or situationally changes them on a whim.

He is aware of all that goes on,even though he claims plausible deniability.

You can trace this mess in a straight back to Rodney Monroe.

Anonymous said...

I think it's good thing an outside agency is investigating this matter..You really don't have to be a rocket scientist to see this officer followed CMPD's SOP. This outside investigation is long over do, and not just for this case but for the top brass. I think if they really did into things heads are going to roll. If any of the "higher ups" with the department weren't worried, before it's time for them to start worrying now.