Sunday, October 6, 2013

Watch Learn and Then Ask Yourself When Would You Draw Your Weapon

Oregon State Police released this video of John Van Allen, 34, as he is pulled over for speeding on I-84 about 100 miles east of Portland.

Allen exits his car and begins walking toward the state trooper eventually pulling a weapon and firing at the trooper. Allen is shot during the exchange, and is later was found dead in his car a half-mile down the road.

Oregon State Trooper Matthew Zistel sustained a bullet wound in his side and was treated at a local hospital and releasd.

Three juveniles ages 10, 13, 15 located in the back of the car were uninjured. Allen is a South Carolina native and was reportedly on his way to South Carolina.

Cedar Asks: When did you draw your weapon? At what point did you stop being polite? How close did he get to you before you knew it was more than a guy with a bad attitude?

Detailed coverage from the Oregonian here.


Anonymous said...

Good one less SMUCK to worry about in this world.

Anonymous said...

You draw your weapon anytime you don't feel comfortable.You don't wait on the bad guy. As far as I know, (unless they have changed it), an officer can draw his weapon anytime he feels like it.I always had my gun unsnapped and hand on same when I felt like it.