Friday, January 10, 2014

Obama To Visit North Carolina Next Week

By now you have heard the President is coming to North Carolina next Wednesday.

According to a White House press release, Obama will travel to Raleigh on Wednesday for an event on the economy. The will be his warm up for the January 28, State of the Union address.:

"Obama's expected to unveil an ambitious agenda at his State of the Union that includes income inequality, raising the minimum wage, and immigration. He's also expected to try and refocus the healthcare debate, which has dogged him over the last several months due to its disastrous roll out.
"Last year, a day after delivering a State of the Union focused on jobs and middle-class opportunities, Obama visited an Asheville, N.C. auto plant where he touted the country's ability to create manufacturing job."

Now I'm sure have noticed that President Obama's approval rating has pretty much tanked.

Even the libtards don't trust the guy. 

No surprise, since the only thing Obama has accomplished, and this will be his legacy is Obama Care. 

Trouble is those of us who already have health insurance, have had it for a long time and while it may not be perfect it is our insurance. 

The rest fall into three groups those who for whatever reason don't want insurance, those who are in desperate need of insurance but can't afford it, and those who think Obama Care is nirvana. 

It's that first group who are going to cause the train wreck that derails Obama Care. They are the fit, the young, the healthy and they are a part of a cash subculture. They are illegal immigrants, construction trades, bar tenders, wait staff, hookers and drug dealers, golf course hustlers and professional thieves. They are small business owners, and ethnic groups like the Greeks and Jews who hit the "no sale" button on the cash register and report only the credit card sales at the end of the day.

The second group account for the major underestimated costs of Obama Care. They are the sick, the unemployable, the elderly and the disabled. This group has been without insurance and quality medical care for decades, yet they have done without and until now have been a burden only to themselves and their families.
That last group are a very small percentage of the population. They already have free medical care and the shift to Obama Care is just another form from social services or the DSS, which explains why Obama Care and Mr. Obama are not real high on our that's cool list. 
Washington does not understand the reality of American life, the fact is most Americans are not far left or far right, the majority are the right down the middle, leave me the fuck alone hard working middle class. We don't want a hand out and we don't want to fill out another damn form.
We don't want free stuff and damn sure don't want to pay for someone else's free stuff. Which is why Obama Care will eventually collapse.
Come Wednesday the President will try to move on from Obama Care. Now he wants to play Abe Lincoln to the LGBT Community. Lincoln freed the salves, and so Obama is going to free the Fags. Fine with me I really don't care.
He'll also press to make all the illegals - legal and raise the hourly wages of entry level workers.
But if he wants to do something that would benefit the working class he should follow up on my list.
1. Freeze the gas prices at $2.99 for regular across the nation with index adjustments annually.
2. Require all cell phone manufactures to use one single size mini usb port for charging and data.
3. Make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday.
4. Provide for a death penalty for hackers, scammers, and spammers.
5. Regulate Airfares so that it isn't cheaper to fly coast to coast than from DC to Boston.

I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

The Superbowl is played on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...exactly, that is why we need Monday off!