Sunday, January 19, 2014

Face Book Smack Down Local GOP Infighting

Well here is a sign that the Mecklenburg GOP either needs some new blood or they are totally on the ropes. I don't know how else to explain it other than this sort of infighting is really self-destructive.

At issue is Lynn Wheeler's endorsement of Tervor who is running for a Mecklenburg County Commission at large seat. Wayne Powers takes issue with Wheeler's FaceBook "Like" of Tervor's campaign page. Which wouldn't be a big issue except that it is Lynn Wheeler and she's district 5 Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour's 2014 campaign manager.

Wheeler was once a fixture on Charlotte's City Council until taxpayers said enough and gave her the boot. Since then she's hosted radio shows and been a guest talking head that many people like to hear from. Her public relations firm claims:

"Winning Strategies  ~  Measurable Results"

Well I don't know but I'm pretty doubtful this exchange is much of a winning strategy.
It all starts with Wayne Power calling attention to Wheeler's "like" on his facebook page.

Wayne PowersMatthew Ridenhour 


Are you aware that your campaign manager, Lynn Murphy Wheeler now "LIKES" Democrat At-Large County Commission Chairman Trevor M. Fuller 's new Facebook campaign page. Seriously???

With "Republicans" like that, no WONDER our taxes keep going up with a Democrat super-majority on County Commission. What a slap in the face to me and the other Republicans who stood with you and ran in the 2012 election. Good grief, Matthew!

(For the record: There's a HUGE difference between "liking" someone's personal page and doing the same on their campaign page.)

Nine Minutes Later ...

Lynn Murphy Wheeler: Wayne, i didn't know you were running for County Commission at large again. Matthew told me just last week no Republican that he knew was running. Sorry, i like Trevor Fuller. Whats that to you? It is becoming fun and almost a game to get you stirred up and outraged. It's so easy to push your buttons. And i just liked it five minutes ago. Are you stalking me?

Wayne Powers: Sure, Lynn. I have nothing better to do than "stalk" you.  You're really that important. You responded to the same online invitation I received this morning.  I like Trevor personally - but I'm certainly not going to endorse his campaign page - especially after he raised our taxes.  Sometimes you truly astound me.
Lynn Murphy Wheeler: I know, Wayne.  I LOVE astounding you.  It's so much fun!

Wayne Powers: Well I hope you have just as much fun paying higher taxes and living with the rest of the liberal Democrat agenda being inflicted on Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.  Somehow, it's not so much fun for the rest of us.

Lynn Murphy WheelerYou're boring me.  I'm done with this thread.

Wayne Powers: Well, perhaps you can find more "entertaining" threads on Kim Ratliff's page.  She raised our taxes, too.

At this point Cedar Posts, tries to inject a little humor

Cedar Posts: Yikes! Reminds me of two seniors waiting in line at Acorn Manor for lunch to be served. I can see the headline now Lynn Wheeler accuses Wayne Powers of stalking!

Tom Davis: Just some clarification.  This is an old political trick to "like" a page then as the election draws near there will be paid FB ads popping up implying all the "likes" denotes ENDORSEMENTs.  It happened recently in the School Board race and many were unaware their names were being used.

Here Wheeler posts another comment and then deletes it. But something to the affect of: Thanks Tom for the clarification.

Then CMS School Board Troll and Republican Rhonda Lennon squeaks up.

Rhonda Garner LennonLiking someones page is not an endorsement, nor is retweeting their tweet.  its actually a good way to stay informed about what is going on in their campaign.

Any candidate who would "assume" a like on a page was an endorsement is inaccurate.  Before I listed any endorsements during my recent successful re-election campaign, I called and/or emailed each person whose name I used to verify exactly how I would publicize their endorsement.  I even saved their responses in case someone questioned my list of endorsements-- which of course someone did accuse me of "lying" about my amazing list-- which included Matthew.

If the GOP wants to get people elected at large, worrying about democratic candidate facebook pages is not the way to succeed.  We, the GOP need to recruit great candidates, fund them well, and get their name out to every corner of the county.

Wayne Powers: Rhonda, Wow.  You allow for absolutely no distinction between personal pages and CAMPAIGN pages?  I couldn't disagree more. Campaign pages are all public.  You don't have to "Like" them to read all the posts.  By your logic, we should all like the KKK page "so we can stay informed about what is going on."  "Liking" a campaign page and conveniently thinking it's not seen by others as an endorsement is quite frankly self-delusional.

Then Wayne Powers tries to bury the hatchet with this:

Wayne Powers: You also said you were having "so much fun" and the very next moment you said you were "bored" - so I'm sure, at this point, no one is taking you at your word.  :-D

Okay, enough of the snarky remarks between us.  Seriously, Lynn.  I tried to make the point earlier that there is a HUGE difference between someone's personal page and their campaign page. I would assume that someone who is as politically savvy and experienced as yourself would already know that.  I have many political adversaries whom I like personally and consider friends - but I would NEVER endorse their campaign pages, unless I intended to publicly support and vote for them.  

As someone who dedicated 9 months of my time, talent and treasure (as did two other fellow Republicans) to campaigning for At-Large County Commission AGAINST Trevor last year, I am perplexed and flabbergasted that you would publicly endorse his reelection campaign page.  I can only hope that perhaps you weren't paying close enough attention to realize it was a campaign page and not a personal one.

As for your comment that no Republicans are running - well, the filing deadline has not yet arrived and, as you know, many good candidates often file on the very last day.  

Do you think that perhaps influential Republicans such as yourself publicly "endorsing" Democrats even before the filing deadline might discourage some excellent GOP candidates from running - especially in such an uphill race for any Republican in our Democrat-majority county?  I certainly do. 

That's my point and I believe it's a valid and reasonable one.  Thanks in advance for considering it.  I would sincerely hope you'd agree.
Then James Peterson chimes in with:

James Peterson: I agree with Wayne on this one. While Trevor is a nice guy, as a conservative I do not agree with many of his political policies. Additonally, I believe the decision to remove Pat Cotham from the chairman seat was petty and a retribution for her trying to run the county in a non partisan manner.  Even though this is just a social media site, the liking of a campaign page is technically a social endorsement and approval of political actions.

10 hours later the Sun is up and so is Lynn Wheeler:
Lynn Murphy Wheeler: For goodness sakes , can you people just get a grip.
Lynn Murphy Wheeler: And all this dialogue began with Wayne Powers noticing I had liked Trevor Fullers page. Really?

Wayne Powers: I'm glad we're no longer "boring" you, but yes, really, Lynn Murphy Wheeler - once again, you can't defend your irresponsibly self-serving, duplicitous actions, so you just repeatedly cast aspersions on those who've noticed. A very tired old smoke & mirrors tap-dance ploy but --- sorry, it won't work. The lost "grip" seems to be yours.

Lynn Murphy WheelerThank you , Wayne. So I am irresponsible, self serving and duplicitous? Really? Its one thing to think it but to write such vile comments on my wall publicly is not acceptable. I have a rule. If anyone cast nasty vile cruel aspersions about me on my wall, they are unfriended and blocked. I have never ever written anything about you that touches the hatred and vitriol you have just written. Bye, Wayne.

Wayne Powers: If you would get over your boredom long enough to read what I actually wrote, you'd discover that my words were about your ACTIONS, Lynn Murphy Wheeler. You refuse to actually discuss the issue preferring to simply insult those who bring it up. 
There's a definite pattern here - and today must be a record. It's the THIRD time Lynn has "unfriended" me. Each time, because she cannot defend the indefensible, so she just bails, take her ball and goes home. Illuminating.

Wayne Powers: For the record, Lynn has not only "unfriended" me, but she has also "blocked" me so I can no longer see her posts and respond - demonstrating the maturity and leadership skills of an ostrich.

Rhonda Garner Lennon: Wayne please stop this now. Just please stop. Take a breath, close your eyes...... it is Sunday morning and time for worship. Certainly not time for this.............

Wayne Powers: To Rhonda Garner Lennon, not that it's relevant or any business of yours, but I've already completed my worship for today. Thank you very much, however, for your spiritual concern. BTW - I hope you'll pass along the same spiritual counsel to your pal Lynn, as she initiated this morning's interactions. Thank you.

Finally Tom Davis again:

Tom Davis: Agree with James Peterson: " Even though this is just a social media site, the liking of a campaign page is technically a social endorsement and approval of political actions." Especially when these names pop up on PAID FB political advertisements 2 weeks before election time. We need to learn from the past and protect such oversights in the future. This goes for both sides to maintain some political integrity.


Anonymous said...

Facebook Fight! Which would explain why the repubtards have lost the city.

Wheeler is a fool. One of many tossed out when they approved the arena gift to swindler Bob Johnson.

Anonymous said...


So far, they help cover up. That would be a topic worthy of conversation.

Wayne should have made his point about "likes" showing up as endorsements--which should be the point of the contention and discussion--in a respectful way, to begin with.

Anyone who knows of bad acts by the police and keeps silent about it is to blame. That includes the people in your post. All of them.

And the city manager and city council and our mayor. And any officers that have information they're not sharing (you're allowed to blow the whistle. You're required by oath).

Really shameful.

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Is that gail mother?

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Looks more like Inbreeding!