Monday, January 6, 2014

OMG A Polar Vortex!

You'll wake this a.m. to scores of talking weather heads bombarding you with scary cold numbers. Terms, like Arctic, frigid, frost bite and dangerous cold.

At 6:00 a.m. HLN's Morning Express had Bob Van Dillan showing a map with wind chill numbers as he pointed to -48 degrees in North Dakota and -39 in Minnesota. Of course the real temps of -11 and -9 are not nearly as impressive or shown on the morning news.

Fact it is indeed cold in the Midwest and the cold will push into the South later tonight. But weather is a fluid give and take, colder than normal here and warmer than normal there.

What you don't hear Bob Van Dillan yapp about is the above average temps in California, and Alaska in the west and New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia in the east today.

In the color map below the yellow, orange and brown colors represent above average temps for January 6, 2014.

Today the hot term is Polar Vortex (the main character in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" if you remember the box office flop) But the "Polar Vortex" is always there, weather extremes are always just around the corner.

And with these extremes in cold there are many who will say "See Global Warming Is A Myth",  too bad, because Global Warming just makes sense. As our world population continues to expand so does our effect on the environment.

Global Warming simply stated... Have a Super Bowl party in your house on a cold winter day, invite ten people, set the heat at 72 degrees and everyone is comfortable. But when 100 people show up you need to turn off the heat, kill the gas fire place and open a few windows.

Trouble is our planet doesn't have any windows we can open, and while the raving nut cases on both sides of the GW debate continue to take shots are each other, it is pretty clear to me that at some point in the future our planet will become so over populated and polluted that it will not sustain life. Just visit LA after three days without an ocean breeze.

I don't agree with Al Gore's dire predictions but I can't dismiss the obvious. Neither should you.

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