Friday, February 21, 2014

Danica Patrick Queen of the Bitch Face

First I'm a Danica fan, I'm glad she's still at it although admittedly surprised. But she's a marketing madman with career earnings north of 15 million, and millions more in endorsements and you can't fault her for that at all.

Not bad for a High School drop out, with a GED (Good Enough Degree) from Roscoe, IL. Plus she far more entertaining than the Kardashian bimbos.

Dancia, is hot, not like the WAG's of SI or Maxim, but she's sexy because she is so damn angry all the time and untamed. Her bad girl I'll kick your ass image is epic even if her driving isn't.

But her bitch face is starting to freeze. She needs to win or those frown lines are going to be forever lines. At 31 she the camera is not kind to those frown lines.

Now about Richard Petty's jab, "The only way Danica can win a Sprint Cup race is if everyone else stays home".

Tony Stewart quiet for more than a week finally mouthed off, telling fans and reporters that Dancia should stuff a checkered flag up the King's ass.

"If I were her, I'd take it over there and cram it up his ass, if it were me," Stewart said while appearing on the Performance Radio Network program "Fast Talk Live" Wednesday. "But that's just me."

The visual of that isn't very applealing, but Tony's always been a crude jackass.

Petty is 76, which gives him the right to say just about what he wants as long as it doesn't include the letter "N" reffering to African Americans or Germans.

Had the "King" said this about any other driver it would have received little attention.

But Danica is special.

Here's the thing about old guys, Richard has been saying this little quip for weeks. He's been getting a lot of mileage and laughs out of it, and like old guys do when they get a positive reaction to a joke or one liner they tell it again and again and again. Same joke day after day to which everyone politely laughs even though they have heard it a half dozen times. So when someone sticks a microphone under his brim he just hit the replay button.

Richard Petty was getting the same amount of attention from these quotes in 2012 'Lots of drivers can drive fast, but very few drivers can race. Danica has been the perfect example of somebody who can qualify better than what she runs".

While Danica Patrick has a lot of detractors, and I'm not likely to put a Go Daddy hat on my head (ever) she has been finishing races, and more than a handful in the top 20,with a few in the top 10. From any sponsor's point of view that is good.  But because she's the only woman in the field she get all the attention of someone who is a perennial second place finisher.


Anonymous said...

I love her bitch face, whip me, beat me, call me bad names. Danica Patrick I LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Make me write bad checks!

Anonymous said...

I'd Hit It! But she does look older than her 31 years. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Patrick is trying to run with the guys, but I'm not sure what they would do if she started winning.

She does have an edge to her personality never smiles much, doesn't joke around any wouldn't want her as a keynote speaker at a dinner event. Not sure what use she is other than ...... well you know.

Anonymous said...

She's running better cars with Stewart Haas, and if she stays out of trouble one day she might just get lucky. But there are many guys out there running a lap or two down. Not like 20 years ago but still they run 10 or so races and make it interesting.

Ghoul said...

She might be better than Kyle Petty. When all is said and done, compare her career with the quitter, Juan Pablo Montoya, who made the similar jump from Indy car racing.

Anonymous said...

Compare her to JPM, it isn't even close. Juan leaves her in the dust. And to be better than Petty she needs 8 more wins (considering she has had 1 in 16 yrs don't keep your hopes up), a lot more T5s and T10s.