Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"WHITE ONLY" Party Post Leads To Racial Meltdown

An innocent post of Facebook became a firestorm of comments for Charlotte promoter Darrell Bonaparte.  Early yesterday he posted this simple request.

****LOOKING FOR A FEMALE DJ TO HOST AN ANNUAL ALL -WHITE PARTY/CHARITY EVENT***** This is a major fundraising event for the Charlotte Los Bravos, Inc. Seeking a talented female DJ to bring the music. Summer Event. I can be reached at 704.890.2771 for more details.

Shortly after and number of "Facebook friends" replied with either interest in the job or offering suggestions and recommendations.

But lacking coffee Cedar Posts read ALL-WHITE as WHITES ONLY.

I honestly had to get some coffee to figure this out. I really was having a hard time understanding why you were promoting a white folks only party!

But as the morning went on some people apparently became outraged, called him racist, posted and later deleted comments critical of Darrell's WHITE ONLY PARTY.

Finally it got too much for Darrell.

***ALL WHITE PARTY*** I cannot believe I have to explain this, but an All White Party is NOT advertising as a party for white people only. No one is being racist. Oh my God! I cannot believe the responses we are getting. Please stop. It's about wearing outfits that are all white.

By the end of the day 90+ likes and nearly 100 comments later the firestorm finally died down. But some of the comments are priceless.

Check out some of the crazy comments on Darrel's Facebook page here.

The most common post was SMH "Shaking My Head" followed by many calling out "ignorant people" for not getting the gist of Darrell's post. But racist, and bigot also came along for the ride.

About ALL WHITE PARTIES - get this, as with much of culture in the US, (hold on to your boots), the idea for all white parties started nearly 30 years ago in the AIDs ravaged Gay community of Miami.

More recently and who hasn't been invited to Sean Combs aka (Puff, P. Diddy, Puffy Daddy, now just Diddy) annual ALL WHITE PARTY in the Hamptons.

CP's Take: It's a cultural thing, like "Step" "All White Parties" are pretty common knowledge within the black community. While it took me a while to figure it out I'm not ignorant. Of course I have to remember most the people using the term use it incorrectly, which makes them naïve not ignorant, at least I would hope.


Anonymous said...

That's just crazy the people went ape shit over that. I lost count at 14 that were upset either because they thought it was racist or they thought someone was trying to make the Darrell guy out to be racist.

Some of the comment had me ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

All white party? I guess is it that big of a deal to black folks?