Monday, March 17, 2014

Jimmie Johnson - "Ban Bossy" Seriously?

Perhaps the biggest joke of the month is the initiative to "Ban" the word Bossy.

Some how a gaggle of women talked NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson into a pointless endeavor to ban a word that few people I know use, even those with children.

But thanks to Jimmie, suddenly Bossy is a hot new word and with a renewed interest in Banning Bossy Little Brats!

The back story - a couple of successful women got together, compared notes and realized that their childhood was a traumatic experience because their parents told them at some point in their young lives to "stop being so bossy".

You know the petulant, temper tantrum throwing little brat stage that nearly all kids seem to go through around age 3? Apparently these, at one time little girls and Jimmie Johnson have carried this baggage for years.


Jimmie seriously I understand your pain. So let's have a talk over a beer or two. OK you can have a cosmopolitan with a twist, I'll have beer.

But, Bossy is not the problem, self-righteous pseudo celebrities are the problem.

Children are starving in this country, homelessness abounds, death from drunk drivers and our nation's infrastructure is falling apart and you allowed these ding dongs to convince you to step out of your million dollar motor coach to help them deal with their childhood issues that apparently held them back?

Brother, what were you thinking?

There are more than 68,000 vets from a decade long war in the Middle East, that are homeless, out of work, suffering from physical trauma, emotional or mental disability.

Why don't you add your voice to something that matters?

As for #BanBossy? Seems the campaign has backfired. Rather than empower young girls, the message has become "ban bossy little brats". Twice this weekend I overheard parents telling their daughters to "Stop being so BOSSY!" Something, as I said at the start of this post, that I haven't heard in years.

Good Job Jimmie!


Anonymous said...

Jimmie Johnson is a douche!

Anonymous said...

He is rather "girly" come to think of it.