Monday, March 24, 2014

North Carolina DOT Adopt A Highway Program Fail

You've seen the signs "Adopt A Highway" followed then with the name of some Nationwide Inurance agent or other local business.

But the North Carolina DOT program is a hoax and a waste of taxpayer money. 

Certainly there are some groups who really do sweep clean their section of road every quarter and file a report detailing the amount and types of trash they pick up.

But the "Charlotte Royals Rugby Football Club" hasn't once in fifteen years picked up so much as a cigarette butt along Rea Road. Then there is Showbiz Pizza which hasn't been in business since 2002, yet they have a sign on Highway 51 that fronts the Carmel Commons shopping center where the business was once located.

NCDOT needs to collect the signs and use the proceeds from the scrap to fix a few pot holes.

Beyond the budget and your wasted tax dollars, the state program competes with Charlotte's program by placing most of the city's major roadways off limits for the City of Charlotte's Adopt A Street program.

Calls to Mecklenburg County Adopt A Highway coordinator Jeanene McCann were not returned.


Anonymous said...

Just another Cedar Mouth homophobic rant. Please crawl but under your rock.

Anonymous said...

How in God's name does this post have anything to do with homos?

Anonymous said...

Because the Charlotte Royals are a bunch of fags. Yep queens calling themselves royals playing rugby. Strange isn't it?

Anonymous said...


9:22 you didn't know that? Yep fags playing rugby can you imagine?

Anonymous said...

I think the program was shuttered in 2011

The Charlotte Royals said...

Hello as a member of the Charlotte Royals Rugby Board I would like to say we joined the adopt a highway program about 10 years ago for one year. We did a few clean ups that year and then left the program. So it seems the sign has been up for 8 or 9 years with us not being a part of that program. As for the homophobic slur, The Charlotte Royals are an all inclusive team. We do not discriminate. People from all walks of life and sexual orientation are part of our team.