Thursday, March 6, 2014

Op-Ed on the CIAA and Local Media Coverage

The following was sent to WBTV and other media outlets. 

On Thursday, March 6, 2014 12:22 AM, Charlotte North Carolina <> wrote:

Hi Coleen,

Thanks for the report on the violence at the CIAA "African Americans Only Party". I call it that because we all know the black colleges only basketball tournament is just a ruse for a massive week long party for the hip-hop community around the country. Please note one of the shooting victims was from Las Vegas. I suggest you look a little harder into his background and see how he earns his income. 

It is becoming clear to me that WBTV is either a shill for Center City Partners or your station is too close to the Mayor. I sense an obvious bias in your reporting and how you choose to select arrest numbers for your report. 
The "fight" at speed street in 2011 was directly related to young black males who were street fighting and one shot and killed another. Are you neglecting to report all the facts or leaving facts out simply to fit your agenda? 

I ask that you explore how many police officers are required for the NRA convention or even for a massive street based event like Speed Street compared to the CIAA Hip Hop Party. Also, if you have a good relationship with officers in Uptown, I think you will find that they were given instructions from Chief Monroe not to make arrests unless it was absolutely necessary. Offficerswere instructed to look the other way and use "great discretion{ before making any arrest during the CIAA. The CIAA hip-hop party is a ticking time bomb. Several people could have been killed at the Sheraton last Sunday. It is only a matter of time.

I would encourage WBTV or another unbiased station to do a less biased report and run a 100% confidential poll on how many citizens who work and live Uptown vacate Uptown for the weekend to avoid the wild, drunken hip hop party, disguised as a basketball tournament. Please stop the obviouspropaganda and shilling for Center City Partners. Stop insulting our intelligence.

The following clip is what the CIAA is truly all about for the vast majority of people who come here to party, get drunk, get high and act wild. The vast majority are not here to watch basketball. I am ashamed the Mayor is giving them more taxpayer money for this annual "black colleges only" party. I expect there will be a very serious event at one of the next CIAA parties and suddenly this email will make much more sense. This event is racist and it is disruptive to the citizens of Charlotte.

Thanks for your time,

Kyle Jenkins
Uptown Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Center City Partners should be very proud of what they have accomplished. Their dream of becoming the next Thug-lanta is rapidly becoming reality....
The very reason I moved out of Charlotte many years ago.

Anonymous said...

9:03, I believe I shared the same sentiment around 1998, though I was merely a high school kid in those days--if Charlotte should ever achieve her proverbial wet dream of becoming the next Atlanta, I would readily leave my hometown. As Kuralt said, "North Carolina is my home." However, Charlotte is ceasing to be North Carolina. That day of departure is coming ever closer.