Thursday, March 27, 2014

Patrick Cannon Update

Sources telling CP that the former Mayor reported to the US Probation Office on College Street, in Uptown Charlotte, within the past hour.

He was not fitted with an electronic monitoring device (aka ankle bracelet) and will not be restricted in his movements.

He will be required to report in to an assigned probation officer weekly at first and may not leave the country. He may leave the state only with the approval of his probation officer. He also will be required to submit to random drug testing and unannounced visits to his home or office.

It is not known if he was required to hand over his passport. But since he isn't consider a flight risk, that is doubtful.

Update 3/27/2014 10:01 PM CP hearing that Cannon was required to turn in his passport.


Anonymous said...

I betcha he sings like a bird to save what little hide he has left. More dominos to tumble perhaps?

Anonymous said...

What are the thoughts of Rodney being implicated? Wsoc reported that the 48 page document named a "very high ranking city employee" and a "important charlotte businessman" as being implicated in the crimes.

Knowing what we know about "chief" Monroe, I would not be surprised. Not at all.

Anonymous said...

6:25 while Chief Monroe certainly has some shady dealings, I doubt he is of the type to accept anything more than free golf clubs and CIAA tickets.

I could be wrong but, he's a Washington street thug with street smarts, and would spot a FBI UC agent a block away.

Let's not forget he is also very well insulated.

Anonymous said...

People, it isn't always about Monroe...Give that one a rest.

Anonymous said...

Cannon walked into and out of federal court with an unsecured $25k bond. No perp walk, no mugshot. This is not the norm which points to the fact that he's is cooperating. There is definitely more to come and more will be indicted.

Unknown said...

Cannon did have to surrender his passport.