Thursday, April 3, 2014

Charlotte Cathloic High School - Dustup!

I'll let main stream media stir the pot some more, but the dustup caused by Sister Jane Dominic Laurel who is little known outside of "catlick" circles is really kind of funny.

At issue is her "talk" about homosexually during which she reportedly spent about half of her hour-long time speaking about queers, including attributing a correlation between the decline of fatherhood in America and the rise in homosexuality and that masturbation and porn will make you gay.

Oddly enough there is apparently no recording of her making these comments. No recording has surfaced from an audience of more than 200 iPhone carrying High School kids.

CP suspects that the real trouble is that many of the parents and students at Charlotte Catholic High School (CCHS) have a different view of sexual identity than that of the older established Catholic High School Administration.

Add to the fact that some inside the church are convinced that Pope Francis is saying it's all good quoting his comments ”Who am I to Judge” and  we can not insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives methods.”

So the main reason for this "dust-up" is that a good percentage of the student body at Charlotte Catholic are anything but "Roman Catholic", and kids by and large tend to move like a herd of cattle. Everyone wants to fit in and being pro-LGBT is very much in vogue. (Cue Madonna)

Years ago Charlotte Catholic was the school that only "cat licks" went to, this of course began to change with the busing for integration in the mid 1970's and the overall decline in the academic standards of the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System - CMS.

Busing caused an impressive growth in private and parochial schools in North Carolina. Nowhere has this been more evident than in South Charlotte. Campuses of Charlotte Latin, Country Day School, Charlotte Christian and Providence Day School today rival that of many small colleges.

Charlotte Catholic also "cashed in" on this growth by building an impressive high school campus on Pineville Matthews Road. Trouble is in order to do so, they had to allow "outsiders" known as Non-Participating Catholics & Non-Catholics to attend the school.

On the plus side tuition is considerably less for "Non-Catholics", $13,348.00 annually vs $21,760.00 at Charlotte Country Day School. On the down side it is a "Catholic School"!

CP has been unable to find a firm number of Non-Participating Catholics & Non-Catholics vs true Roman Catholics but I'm hearing that the number is nearly 50%. It also appears that much of Sister Jane's comments were taken out of context, as are those of the Holy Father.

Add to the mix the power of social media to report, as well as distort and you get a crazy dust up of biblical proportions.


Anonymous said...

Is the homophobic cedar mouth a CATLICK? Or just a gay bashing troll? Maybe you and the sister should hook up and crawl back under your rock together? jerk.

Anonymous said...

6:47..... What a homo

Anonymous said...

6:47 I think you made Cedar's case. Intolerance seems to be your best trait.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when the word 'gay' is used to describe the perverse freak show that is the homosexual lifestyle. Perfectly good word now completely ruined.

Anonymous said...

It really is a freak show and just gets worse by the second.

Who are these parents who are this freaking stupid?

Now the LGBT pushers what to hold an "Informational Symposium" about the gay lifestyle at the school.