Monday, April 14, 2014

For a What It Is Worth The Clodfelter Duke Energy Connection

In the back draft of the Patrick Cannon arrest, isn't it convenient that Dan Clodfelter rushed to Charlotte's aid?

Maybe more so, maybe not. 
We all recognize the conflict of interest with Governor McCrory and Duke Energy's coal ash Pandora's box. 
Also of local concern is the massive amount of coal ash at the Mountain Island Steam Station and the extremely close proximity of the toxic waste to Charlotte's main source of drinking water. 
But what about Clodfelter's former law firm Moore Van Allen who represents Duke Energy's interest in transferring the coal ash from the Duke property to a landfill located at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CDIA)?
Then there is the Jerry Orr factor, his named keeps popping up even though he is no longer associated with the airport he tried to hijack last year.
Expect the coal ash transfer issue to get on the fast track, and get pushed to a vote in approval before the issue of a regional airport authority is settled. 
Cozy isn't it? 


Anonymous said...

Why is Orr's name keep coming up anyway? He is yesterday's news and unemployed now. The media should quit feeding the ego that led to his own downfall from his "kingdom" he called "his" airport.

Ghoul said...

Jerry Orr has the greasiest hands in North Carolina, and that's saying something.