Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Fallout From Charlotte Catholic High School

CP is hearing that certain students, as many as two dozen will not be asked to return to Charlotte Catholic High School next year to finish out their senior year.

Additionally as many as eight rising juniors have also be asked not to return to the school.

The good news is they are not being expelled rather school administration just simply refunded their tuition. Traditionally students removed from school are not offered refunds. Apparently conferences are being held and some students are given warnings while others are just shown the door. There are no reports of students being forced to leave the school before the end of the current school year.

The rumored purge falls on the heels of a number of local Catholic church leaders calling out parents for their actions in response to a controversial presentation by Sr. Jane a couple of weeks ago.

According to one source, this servers as a stark reminder that attending CCHS is a privilege and not a right, even for members of the Catholic faith.


Anonymous said...

Went to a Catholic (boys only) high school in the Buffalo area in the 70s. The priests always told us one of the differences between our school and the public schools was that they could ask us to leave at any time

Anonymous said...

taking it up the dung whole and sucking richards is not a virtue.

Anonymous said...

Bung hole not dung whole !