Thursday, April 24, 2014



This past year and a half has been quite extraordinary. I know most of you CMPD people don’t particularly care and others are rather smug. But, as interested as you all are in hearing about the latest police shooting, whereby your department utterly threw your fellow coworker to the wolves, you should also be interested in the feeding the wolves get from the airport officers. Who knows, in some way or another, you may be next.

Last year I wrote about the Holocaust of the Airport Police. Has it not come to itsfruition? Ah, yes. The City you work for has utterly broken every federal law possible to accomplish the aforementioned annihilation.  But the Americans, with their Constitution have come to the rescue. The Nazi’s are very nearly defeated. But keep an eye on those pesky Japanese. The quiet ones that say nothing.  They quietly plant rumors of upcoming transfer dates that never happen. The quiet ones that add proverbial relief in the form of old men better suited for shuffleboard than the experienced officer’s onsite. The ones that hold no pep talks or further information on what one can expect of their lifelong careers; the constant stress and anxiety of the ones who are most loyal.  

Hail not to the aggressors but to the ones still standing, doing their jobs as if they were never attacked. Ask any of the occupiers. They will tell you what a raw deal the law abiding citizens have received.  

Do any of you know why the transformation date hasn’t occurred yet? Because a federal judge will not allow it. All of you should educate yourselves on what is happening. Do not judge, ask their experience, which is more that any lieutenant of captain has ever done. Judge after you understand and then brace yourselves from the machine that will attempt in any way to grind you up!

Read what has been filed and understand how a small few is winning against the machine.


Anonymous said...

how about a link to "read what has been filed?" thanks

Anonymous said...

When are all the wheelchair geriatric hirebacks coming? Anyone know? It's going to be a squad of grumpy old men. Between all the frequent bathroom breaks from enlarged prostates to afternoon old man naps and other confusing moments will they be able to keep up with this new assignment? Or will they be passing work off to the red headed stepchildren?

Anonymous said...

Please do tell more. I am not aware of any of this this. Guess my head's been in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Hhhmmmm, that's odd. I know a lot of these "wheelchair geriatric hirebacks" who can still outrun and out shoot most of the 5'7" 155lb rookies they keep churning out these days. But, then again, hiring the midget army of CMPD gives them a less menacing appearance I guess. That's exactly why regular patrol can't have long guns. Half of them couldn't hold them up!

Anonymous said...

That's crossfit for weight training in academy.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, what is the status of all the to and fro at the airport these days? Do u know?