Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Novant's Presby Problem

Hard to tell what's going on at the former Presbytierian Hospital. The once five star and must for Charlotte's well heeled has apparently fallen behind since Novant took over operations nearly ten years ago.

Dozens of rooms in one wing of the hospital are abandoned and posted with the above notice. Apparently theft from the "out of service" wings of the hospital is an increasing problem. 

The eerrie stillness of finding yourself on the empty fourth floor has a hollywoodeques quality. Gleaming floors, room after darkened room of empty patientless beds are a surprising find in the once booming hospital. 

The unused hundreds of rooms is a stark reminder of how out of control our health care system is.


Anonymous said...

No, all it means is that medicine has advanced so thaat people who used to spend days in a hospital for repair of a hernia or breas surgery or gallbladder surgery now are able to safely heal at home, so we don't need tons of beds built over 100 years ago

Anonymous said...

3:00 I wish that was true, but CMC main is full in fact last week they we're send less serious patients to the former Mercy and to Pineville.

More so Novant's application with the state claims the need will exceed supply by 3 time the current capacity by 2015. Of course that was five years ago.

But nice try.