Monday, February 9, 2015

Ethnic Cleansing At The Charlotte Fire Department?

Here's an interesting tidbit.

Last month the Charlotte Fire Department hired a new PIO Cynthia Francis Robbins. Her hire was reported in the department's "Hot Shots" report on the last page under New Hires and Retirements as: Cynthia Francis Robbins - Administration, Public Services Coordinator.

First Page of Hot Shots
Last Page of Hot Shots
But oddly enough Cynthia Francis Robbins professionally goes by Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan at least on her page.

Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan

So why would CFD introduce her as Robbins? 
Maybe she was just recently married? Nope. Recently decided to use her married name? Nope. 
It at least appears she goes by Shah-Khan even in her personal life and has done so since she was married.

Might it have something to do with the fact that her husband Mujeeb Shah-Kahn, is a former city assistant attorney in Charlotte, former city attorney for Greensboro and now the City Attorney for Monroe?

Could it be an obvious effort to distance her from the connection her husband has with the attorney hired by City Manager Ron Carlee to "investigate" the retaliation complaint made by whistle blower, Cyrstal Eschert? The attorney Allison Van Laningham, who is alledged to be independent and unbiased?

Hard to say but let's hope it wasn't because someone was uncomfortable with the hyphened Shah-Kahn surname. A pretty common name for people from India and of Hindu religion.


Anonymous said...

Guess Patrick Cannon will have a cellmate or mates by the time this case is over. Maybe central prison can start a government behind bars. Surly at the least they could start a fire program because some good instructors maybe present.
This cover up has clearly got criminal opportunities on the federal level. Think those Patrick Cannon investigators need to revisit Charlotte. One better, maybe Cannon would wanna roll on a few more for reduced time. I'm gonna say it now ANY OF THESE FIRE OFFICIALS OR CITY WORKERS INVOLVED IN THIS COVER UP MAY WANNA COME CLEAN. I'm sure the feathers are ruffled and a birdie may wanna sing. First one to come forward may save a career or jail time by the end of all this.
The TITANIC is sinking, im sure the captain, Fire Chief Jon Hannan already jumped ship. He isnt the kind of guy to go down with his ship. Maybe its put on a ladies coat, high heels and sneak on a lifeboat.

Anonymous said...

Cedar this has got to be total BS. I know I've called you out before and you were always quick to either admit your mistake of back up the facts.

Why would they announce someone's employment under an alias?

There has got to be some sort of simple explanation, they can't be that stupid?

Anonymous said...

If you go back and really follow this incident, it is that bad. I don't want to call them stupid, but its like children trying to pull the wool over their parents eyes.

Mom and Dad always find out the truth of those that are not mature yet. These is like ANIMAL HOUSE runs City Government.

But just like this entire story, I'm sure they can spin it for as to how that happened. But those of us with any common sense can see right through the lies.

Anonymous said...

When is the book coming out or the movie. I need to get my popcorn and soda ready for what is going to break on this story next. Maybe they can sign Darth Vader to play Chief Hannan and Jaba the Hut for City Manager Carlee.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty interesting, so why doesn't main stream media turn up the heat on this funny business?

I'll tell you why, because Jon Hannan will tell his PIO not to alert the likes of WSOC to a major fire, keep them from the scene and deny them information that's why.

He's already made his point by denying WSOC an interview and instead going on the record with WBTV.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the next chapter in CFD we have Smoke.

Cannon was first...... who will be next??? This is like a best seller and I'm on the edge of my seat.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who wrote this blog entry ... 1.) If you're gonna go off on a hissy fit soap box at least spell the name "Khan" right in uniform fashion throughout the article 2.) You're assuming a awful lot of incorrect things 3.) And so what if the hyphenated name is of Indian/Hindu origin? What does it matter?

Anonymous said...

Nah- y'all are thinking too big. Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan was sued in Guilford county over her poor performance with Guilford County schools. She didn't want that following her back here to Mecklenberg County.