Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lies and a Cover-Up Continues To Boil To The Surface At CFD

The Charlotte Observer has updated their coverage of the Crystal Eschert firing to address the cover-up attempt made by CFD Command.

On Monday the Observer noted:

Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee told all employees in a memo Friday that not complying with state public records laws could lead to disciplinary action, a reference to fire department officials who told an employee to use personal email and delete official documents.

Ron "I Didn't Know" Carlee

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2015/02/09/5504806/carlee-employees-must-comply-with.html#storylink=cpy
The full article is here

But in the article is this little fact:

Eschert was fired about 3 weeks after being told not to address the department's concerns regarding her Facebook posts via department emails.

Again from the Charlotte Observer:

At the time, the department told her that the City Council was upset about her post. They also said the Observer had made a public records request based on her case.

Apparently neither were true and the "they" the Observer is referring to is apparently Paul Wilkinson and Kristi Kjeldsen.

Before the Facebook post went public in media stories in November, the Observer had not found any council member familiar with what Eschert had written, which was about the aftermath of the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

Part of her post read: “So WHY is everyone MAKING it a racial issue?!? So tired of hearing it’s a racial thing. If you are a thug and worthless to society, it’s not race – You’re just a waste no matter what religion, race or sex you are!”

Cedar's Take: Eschert's post was simply a copy and paste of comments made around the country and one that was made time and time again by CMPD and CFD staff on their personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

But maybe the real question is why at this point haven't Wilkinson and Kjeldsen been fired or at least removed from command positions?  You clearly can't lead if everyone knows you are a liar.

As far as CP knows, Eschert is the only person fired by the city for a violation of its social media policy.


Anonymous said...

I'm liking the photo of Carlee, wasn't me. Maybe Carlee and Hannan can go slide down the new brass rails at headquarters together. The CFD funhouse with a warning posted, you may get burned and scarred for life.

Wait, I get it now, the new stair case is for Hotel Fire. See we just don't know this yet. The Charlotte Fire Dept has rooms to rent for visitors. So they wanted the lobby to look like a man cave with a twist of elegance.

But if it is true CP from what I saw on Twitter. Those stairs may have cost city taxpayers $70,000.00. Maybe CHIEF ALL ABOUT ME HANNAN" could have better spent out money. Why not a community room in the building for schools to take field trips. The room could have educated children on fire and what firefighters do. That $70,000.00 could have done a lot for the community and for children.

But I hope you enjoy them stairs,polish that brass and clean that glass with flames............No smoke is showing, but it is a fire because the flames of every soul you have ruined is visible and etched in that glass. So to that CHIEF ITS ALL ABOUT ME HANNAN"........ENJOY YOUR STAIRWAY TO HELL

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of interest in this vs CMPD and Rodney.

Something about firing a woman that is got people talking. But its all bullshit been that way ever since JH became chief his ego is like something I've never seen and I have to work with the jerk everyday

Anonymous said...

Crystal isn't the only one.

If you don't suck up they'll create a way to kick you out.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being found out the Chief and Carlee will be the first two people to use the new LGBT I'm not sure who I am bathrooms at the government center.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how Ron Carlee lets the Fire Chief walk him around like the Fire Dog mascot of the fire dept. He has been neutered for sure. Cause all that dog Carlee does is rollover for anything.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Part 1. Have they asked Chief Fire Investigator, Paul Wilkinson about his own transgressions of sending hundreds of texts and making repeated phone calls to a married woman? As I recall, the husband complained, but Chief Hannan and Granger covered it all up for him. Not to mention the fact that he made these texts and phone calls to this married woman and mother of three on a Charlotte issued cell phone, which Deputy Chief Granger said was no problem.

Chief Investigator Paul Wilkinson also had two private lunch meetings with this married woman without her husband's knowledge. He was also messaging her on FaceBook as well. However, when called on his Fire Department issued cell phone by the husband, Paul Wilkinson immediately deleted his Facebook page and then decided to tell his wife that he was just catching up on old times with this other man's wife. I hope you all caught that last statement where I said, he then told "HIS WIFE" about the secret contacts he was making behind her back after the husband called him?

Sweet Paul Wilkinson even bought this wife lunch at "Pinky's Restaurant". Isn't that right Mr. Chief Fire Investigator? Paul Wilkinson stated that he spoke with one of the assistant district attorneys and they told him that Mrs. Eschert's reputation was damaged and that was obviously one of the reasons the city of charlotte is saying the termination was justified. How about the Chief Fire Investigator's reputation if everyone finds out about his rendezvous with another man's wife?

Is Paul Wilkinson not tainted as far as public trust is concerned? Can the people believe him more than Mrs. Eschert in court? He was cheating with another man's wife while he was on duty and being paid by the tax payers! Would that not constitute misuse of city time and receiving funds under false pretenses? If he's flirting and carrying on an extra marital relationship while he's suppose to be attending to Fire Dept. business, then he's cheating the tax payers by receiving funds for services he wasn't providing. I think you can check and see that he even sent his married girlfriend fire scene pictures while he was at a scene. Of course, he sent pictures from the beach to his married girlfriend while on vacation with his wife and kids as well.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Where's the policy that states that you can send hundreds of text messages to a married woman without her husband's knowledge at all hours of the day and night on a cell phone paid for by the City of Charlotte? Did I mention that he met this man's wife while on duty, in uniform and while driving a fire department vehicle? Did I mention that he was texting and calling this married woman while on duty as well as off duty? Hannan did nothing for the husband and even refused to apologize because the attorney said not to. Was Paul Wilkinson suspended? Terminated? No, he worked daily as the direct supervisor of his division while the deputy chiefs and the chief knew exactly what he had been up to and they had the proof in their hands. Where was their concern for the sanctity of this man's family and marriage? Nothing was done even though they had pages and pages of proof delivered straight into Kinniburgh and Hannan's hands.

Hannan and the rest couldn't see anything beyond terminating Mrs. Eschert, but they couldn't have cared less about the husband's marriage and family. Paul Wilkinson, You've destroyed my friend's family and marriage. Didn't the husband actually give you an opportunity to apologize to him and his kids with a promise to sign any papers necessary to guarantee he would not later sue you? Yeah, he did, but you called an attorney and tried to scare him off. Did it work? I don't think so! Why has the Chief Fire Investigator not been terminated for advising a subordinate employee to go around public access communications? Why, because he has done much worse in his unethical dealings with a married woman. Ask him to deny he did this. There are dozens of pages and other communications proving everything stated here. Chief Fire Investigator, Paul Wilkinson, you still owe my friend and his kids an apology. Maybe, you, Chief Paul can go after this man's wife once again. I hear due to you, this marriage never healed and divorce is imminent. Aren't you proud?????? The sad truth is.....you probably are!!!!!!!!