Thursday, July 30, 2015

Samuel DuBose Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Rush to judgment:

Samuel DuBose shot dead and the state says it was not justified, but that doesn't make Dubose any less dead.

On the video, Officer Tensing repeatedly asks Mr. DuBose to produce a driver’s license. Mr. Dubose says several times that he has one, before acknowledging that it is not with him. He says that he has the missing license plate with him, and explains in the glove box.

At one point, the Officer asks, “What’s that bottle on the floor?”

Mr. DuBose reaches down, picks up a bottle of gin and hands it to the Officer.

Officer Tensing starts to open the driver’s door and tells Mr. DuBose to remove his seatbelt;

Mr. DuBose is heard saying "I didn't even do nothing"

Mr. DuBose then pulls the door closed again and starts his car.

What happens next is a flurry of blurred movements: The officer steps to his left; the engine can be heard revving; the officer reaches into the car with his left hand; he yells “stop” twice; he draws his gun with his right hand and fires once; and then he appears to fall backward.

CP's Take: at this point a couple of things come to mind.

First the quality of the body camera is a big concern. Even slowed down all we see are blurred movements.

Second, Dubose has gone from a calm traffic stop to a threat in just a few 1/10ths of a second.

Finally, Officer Tensing had every right to pull his weapon when Dubose started his car.

Why he pulled the trigger one can only guess.

I'd imagine he was shocked, stunned and surprised with the rapid change of direction in the encounter. Scared and instinctively pulled the trigger. If that's the case its not murder it is poor training.

Also consider the fact. that the car drove off with Dubose apparently dead, which means Dubose had not only started the car but put it in gear. Does the threat level reach that of deadly force, maybe not but it certainly doesn't warrant a murder charge.

Yet USA Today reported the events like this:

Tensing asks DuBose where he lives. "Right around the corner," DuBose says.

"Go ahead and take your seat belt off," Tensing says.

"I didn't even do nothing," Dubose says. DuBose leans toward the passenger seat.

Without a word, Tensing fires a single shot.

DuBose slumps into the passenger seat.

The car rolls a short distance, stopping at the corner.

Tensing runs after the car.

He looks inside where DuBose is dead.

So why the disparity in reporting? USA Today makes no mention of the car starting or Tensing telling him to stop.

Why is Prosecutor Detts grand standing? Using vitriolic phrases like "asinine", "chicken shit" and saying of Tensing "he should have never been a police officer"

Clearly Tensing lied saying he was dragged. In the short term fog of just after the shooting he may not have even known his own name. That's why you never talk to investigators.


Anonymous said...

Listen you racist POS the man is dead, shot at point blank to the head that is MURDER and they need to put that cop down like the rabid dog that he is.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the cop made a mistake but the bother is at fault. He was going to drive away and that makes him a threat.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that this officer should be charged with murder is an idiot. The DEA has set his city up for a major uprising. The jury won't get a conviction and the POC will go apeshit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually the officer was dragged. Look at his distance to the silver car parked on the side of the road before he shot and after he regains his feet. He is approximately 20-25 feet closer to that car.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the dragging occurred after looking at the video. Some reports state that the driver turned his engine over and threw it in gear.

I used to own this same model of Accord, and where his hands were placed prevents him from both movements at the same time.

He could have driven off if his car was kept in drive and never put in park during the stop.

The very good point made by 3:44 could be explained by the driver dragging the officer, or by the myopia of the body cam at that range showing a static picture as the officer was dragged or sidestepped (who knows?).

I loathe Monday morning quarterbacks, but those are the options. Why did the officer not request the driver shut down his vehicle before ordering him to exit? Also, what's with the dome shot? That vs center mass will explain the options the officer had and why he made his (good or bad) choice.


Your argument is invalid. That song has already been played at this party. We get it; black lives matter when it suits you and your argument and never, ever at any other point.

See you at the protest. I'll be the guy eating a sandwich, watching you throw a rock at cops and then your getting arrested for "civil disobedience." Read a fucking book and stop holding your own people back.

You see how that works? Multiple words, formed to sentences, strung along together to convey ideas? Your movement is hardly the French Resistance--you cannot simply paint hte cross of Joan of Ark and expect to be understood.

Listen to this

Booker T. Washington, as a black man--his Black life matters, and warrants remembrance.


Anonymous said...

CP, I must say your doomsday, bug out back pack carrying @$$ is consistently racist, that I can give you credit for. Tell us something, where do you have the swastika tattooed at on your body? The calf, the back or do you have it where I suspect, as a tramp stamp? SMH!

Anonymous said...

Another strong post CP.

It must be empowering for the BLACKLIVESMATTER crowd to not have to subject themselves to logic or reason. Just begin with the premise that whichever person targeted for lynching is a racist psychopath whose actions are only explainable by pure malice and evil and then everything makes sense.