Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Flag Is Dead, The Flag Is Dead, Long Live The Confederate Battle Flag

Thank you main stream media for telling Americans from coast to coast that the cause of all forms of racial unrest, tension and inequality is fully the responsibility of a red, white and blue flag that flew on the lawn of the South Carolina Statehouse.

Thank God that damn flag has finally been removed. Within a few days, certainly less than a few weeks, all our nation's racial problems will now come to an end. 

God Bless You, South Carolina Legislature.

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Anonymous said...

LMBO....for some reason, I LIKE this sarcastic dude and his spineless followers, makes good reading for comedic measures. These same people hide their faces and scamper in the dark, but never will they ever rear their heads when the opportunity is presented to address their 'concerns'. The same people that idolize Michael Jordan and buy his gear, but he can't eat at their house if he wasn't famous though. I've sent this website to everyone that I know, so they can see, that "It/They" are alive and well. #SmilingFaces..UKnowTheRest!