Thursday, October 22, 2015

ESPN's David Newton Goes For A New Low Insulting Idaho Panthers Fan

David Newton has a pretty sweet gig, paycheck from ESPN, NFL all access pass and all expense paid trips to follow the Panthers everywhere. Still he is quite the douche bag, and here's another wondeful example:

While at Sunday's Carolina v. Seattle game Newton spotted Panthers fans Taz Mendoza and his wife from Idaho in the stands and convinces them to pose for a photo. A photo he later uploads to ESPN and tweets the link. Swe├Ęt right? 

Well, that's what the fans thought except Newton is a jerk who can't help himself and so he uses the photo to crack on the fan's weight.

These Panthers' fans came to Seattle from Idaho. Didn't know they made Luke Kuechly jersey in DT size. Good timing for this couple on getting to see Kuechly. He is playing for the first time since suffering a concussion in the opener.

So his snarky fat shaming comment about a Panthers fan who posed for a photo in Seattle isn't  getting a lot of press yet, but I'd expect a well deserved firestorm is brewing.  

Cedar's Take: Taz, thanks for being a true Panther's fan 

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Anonymous said...

Cedar don't be so hard on Newton that's his schtick. Gross abrasive combative. That's Newton, be it NASCAR, Baseball, the NBA or the Panthers all of which he knows really nothing but manages to find fault in everyone. He's a professional D-Bag.