Thursday, November 12, 2015

Transparency In Your Local Government? Not At Medic

If you have followed Cedar Posts for any time at all you know the pet leave that really grinds the gears is lack of transparency. 

So you can imagine the idea of Mecklenburg County's Medic having a Twitter account with protected tweets really fires me up.

Wonder what in the world could they be hiding?

Well, wonder no more:

@Medic911Press Victim refused transport to ER so we just left him strapped on the stretcher in the parking lot

@Medic911Press Arrived at scene a little late Charlotte Fire not happy we stopped for "Bo Time" on the way

@Medic911Press Unable to locate accident scene ask CMPD to call me find us.

@Medic911Press on scene on motorcycle fatality Medic not needed just send a fire truck with a hose

@Medic911Press I'm bored. Please ask CMPD SWAT to shoot someone


Anonymous said...

BELlaMy is the answer to medics' issues.

Anonymous said...

if they need to make jokes to get through what they have to deal with on a daily basis, then I think that is absolutely fine.

Anonymous said...

BELlaMy is no joke !

Anonymous said...