Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Monday Odds and Ends Panthers Edition

In Case You Missed It  - The Panthers give a big shout out to Tom Sorenson in a classy way befitting a sports writer.

The Jersey Report - Cam Newton broke into the top 10 this past week but still lags Luke who is second only to Tom Brady

Personally I can't imagine myself wearing someone's Jersey to a football game, unless it would be Steve Smith or Walter Payton.  I own a Panthers varsity jacket and a no name no number Jersey but that is it.

Panthers Fans - I don't get you at all, you plop down a fairly large pile of cash to have good seats for a Sunday game but more than half of you leave the stadium at the end of the third quarter. What's the issue, beer sakes stop? Tráffic? Can't miss Real House Wives or Call Me Caitlyn? 

American Airlines -  Unlike USAirways prohibits CDIA staff counter and gate staff from wearing Panthers colors while on duty. I think they should lighten up on game days might do wonders for morale.


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