Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shocking Rise Of Crime In Charlotte

In Case You Missed It - The Local Paper reported the following on Friday:
86 automobiles were reported stolen to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department from July 18 to July 24 of this year. 
This is a 76 percent increase from the same period last year.
1354 vehicles have been stolen already in 2016. This represents a 24 percent increase from this point last year.
“The alarming trend for many of these cases was that nearly 80 percent of the reported thefts occurred by the suspects using the vehicle keys,” CMPD said in a press release. It recommends removing any keys from the car upon exiting the vehicle. 
CMPD is advising citizens to make sure all vehicle doors are locked when parked regardless of location.
In addition, firearms and other valuables should never be left inside while parked.
If a vehicle is parked in a garage, the police advise shutting the garage door, especially if parking over-night. 
CMPD is increasing its efforts to curb the growing trend, making fourteen arrests in the last week.
“Officers in some areas have even made contact with homeowners in the very early morning hours to remind them to close garage doors,” the press release said.
Cedars Take: 
Wow an amazing 24 percent increase in auto thefts, but a reality check is in order. After years of  reporting crime under the Rodney Monroe doctrine real crime numbers are now apparently being reported. Under Rodney a vast number (more like all of them) of stolen cars were recorded as "unauthorized use"  which took the crime out of the FBI reporting category of felony auto theft. 

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Anonymous said...

"CMPD said in a press release. It recommends removing any keys from the car upon exiting the vehicle. "

From a regular reader resident somewhere else; Charlotte is, after all, a microcosm of all of America:

In Texas it is a misdemeanor to leave keys in a car. Most enforcement relates to leaving keys in a car when parked "for only a minute" at the convenience store or when paying for/pumping gas. Of course most cars are stolen on impulse while the driver is paying for that gasoline and the car is sitting unattended, often with the engine running. Children or babies sometimes get abducted unintentionally in these auto thefts; the perp didn't look for a child or a baby in the baby seat in the back. It can get more than interesting sometimes.

North Carolina needs to copy and enact the "No keys left in car" rules. "No keys left behind" should be a no-brainer everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Jim and Lawanda don't give a crap about crime unless one of their voters is killing LEO. Councilman Al will blame it on Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome, or something else goofy, and the local media will give this clown a pass, as usual.
Has the Mayor ever given a presser regarding the dangerous nature of our town these days? It seems chaos is the only thing that gives these fools any pleasure, unless its following a pedophiles advice of opening up free-range bathrooms for the freaks among us.

Anonymous said...

To 11:53 am, there is a "key left in car" parking citation but I don't believe it's a state infraction or misdemeanor. And now that cars have Push to Start, you have to ask if they have a fob that allows someone to move the car or if it turns off. It's getting more complicated to enforce the old keys in the car deal.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I moved out of Charlotte a looooong time ago. When I moved to my new little "community" in the boonies I found out very quickly that there was little to no crime (absolutely no violent crime) and very few police! Plus it is cheaper to live here! How you ask? I will give you 3 guesses.... And it doesn't involve the lame ass excuse about leaving your vehicle running while you go in the store to grab a soda. You can actually leave your car running (with gold bouillon in the console in plain sight) while taking a leisurely shopping trip to the local Food Lion. Oh... Did I mention that there is no Transit Center nearby? ;)

Anonymous said...

For a second everyone must have thought the rise in crime was because Carlee left unfinished business at the Fire Dept when he left. Now after his departure three more complaints against the chief. All headed to court too for sure right behind Eshert. No worries, perjury is not punished at his level, obviously!!!!

@CLT_truth said...

Perjury is not punished in the police department, either (yet). Just ask City Council, Carlee, Hagemann, Putney, and our Mayor who have all been offered the audio, video and documents but know that instead the City threatened to arrest me and sue me for reporting it.

They are continuing these efforts, all while denying any crime has been committed against me (another conviction in Superior Court by a jury of 12 on July 21, 2016 for threatening me "for the last time, b*tch!" with a "gun & 3 shells.")

City using TAX DOLLARS TO THREATEN ME WITH ARREST AND ILLEGAL CRIMINAL CHARGES because I have requested records I'm legally entitled to have. Please write and ask them to stop.