Wednesday, May 31, 2017

LaWana Mayfield Has A Nutty Over White Privilege

Charlotte City Council Member LaWanna Mayfield, that "Nut-Bird" who often rivals County Commissioner Vilma Leak with her off topic or nonsensical comments took to Facebook in a rant about "White Privilege"

Mayfield - Just getting home from my final neighborhood meeting.


Especially when the home is one of many owned by persons who live in Ballantyne. I am going to start calling out these owners at Council meetings because I am also tired of hearing one of my collegues talk about what Ballantyne is not getting in City resources when it is residents in His District that keeps CMPD and Code Enforcement in mine....just needed to get this off my mind.

Now time to get back to work...

Mayfield is apparently upset with Ed Diggs who often points out the amount of property tax revenue paid, far exceeds the value received by district 7 taxpayers.

Mayfield is one of the countless loonies who are convinced that police cause crime and that white folks send the police to her district to oppress black people.

It's apparently easy for Mayfield to believe that all the rental property is owned by white people, afterall that's the way it is right?

Mayfield's followers of Facebook and District 3 constituents think this of Ballantyne - "I worked in that area. They receive all types of privilege. I would see falling down drunks get away with murder all because they had money."

And this -  "I still work there and they are still getting away with it. They leave those bars staggering, get in their cars and drive every night. Where is CMPD? Northeast ,Northwest and Southwest."

Mayfield Again:

LaWana Mayfield It is hilarious comments complaining about the TRUTH but completely ignoring the problem of Poverty...If the crime and criminals are not good enough for YOUR neighborhood it DAMN WELL is not good enough for mine. Also for those that Do Not Live in Charlotte YOU better hope you don't own Slum property in D-3 and I can track You down because I will be sharing how YOU are destroying OUR neighborhoods while living in your "All too Fragile Hill"

Mayfield believes that the slums in her district are owned by white privilege, white people who live somewhere else.

What escapes Mayfield is that rental property is subject to the basic principle of profit and loss. The once solid middle class west and east Charlotte has been in a flat spin for years thanks to a number of factors. Many caused by prior Charlotte City Council members, influx of illegals from Mexico and Central America and African Americans migrants from northern cities like Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburg and Newark.

When an East Charlotte resident points out the it seems there are few options to dealing with run down rental property or trouble makers:

This is one of the chief concerns of the neighborhoods in Harris Coalition on the east side. Either we've been lax in our knowledge of what can be done with unfortunate renters, or there are no ordinances that can help us. I imagine this is a concern all over Charlotte. What, specifically, can be done about run-down rental properties, or nuisance renters. Can we find out what ordinances apply?

The citizen clearly asks for help but Mayfield responds by placing blame on Republicans in Raleigh.

The General Assembly has caused a lot of this with legislation they have passed that has usurped Municipal control.


Anonymous said...

She speaks so much about racism doesn't that normally show she is the racist. If it's not hating whites it's hating police. She doesn't even post facts that are true. Blaming white people for a teacher in Texas that is black???? Time to vote her out!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Racism at its best

Anonymous said...

Here we go again.... "Swing loooow sweet chaaariot". She bitches if the police are there and bitches if they aren't. Here is a solution to her woes. GENTRIFICATION. Has worked well in so many other areas.

Anonymous said...

Vote the Nut out

Anonymous said...

Time to get real leadership in District 3, it's been long enough of dealing with Hater Mayfield. We need someone that works for all sides. She hasn't done anything beneficial for the district. Crime is up and up and she rather tweet going to have a dinner.

Anonymous said...

Mayfield a racist says nobody ever