Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018 Brave Men

Lost on millennials and much of "Libtard" America is not just the meaning of Memorial Day, but how we got here and at what price.

The New York Times ran a piece yesterday about how the "Southerners" tried to cover up the African American origins of Memorial Day. Turning a National day of Honor into yet another "whitey done us wrong" race issue. See: The Unofficial History of Memorial Day

Perhaps main stream media needs to look within their own ranks and to the past. There they might find that the words of a real journalist, Ernie Pyle are Important:

"They never gave an inch," a general says. "They died right in their foxholes."

I heard of a high British officer who went over this battlefield just after the action was over. American boys were still lying dead in their foxholes, their rifles still grasped in firing position in their dead hands. And the veteran English soldier remarked time and again, in a sort of hushed eulogy spoken only to himself:

"Brave men. Brave men."

Dispatch from Ernie Pyle Northern Tunisia April 22, 1943 the full read is here.

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