Wednesday, June 13, 2018

WCNC Charlotte's Clickbait Leader

Twitter is a mixed bag for news hungry people, in many cases it is the front line of breaking news. 

The attack on the US Consultant in Benghazi was a perfect example. My Twitter feed was filled with images and details in near real time. I knew what was happening in Benghazi long before CNN or even Hillary Clinton thanks to following a number of international journalists.

So it pains me greatly to see the idiot and fake journalists at WCNC use Twitter to clickbait followers into fake news stories with little and in most cases no substance.

Their hope is that followers will keep clicking adding to their page view count and perhaps even click on a few of their clickbait ads disguised as news. Classic examples are "Why men can't get enough of this underwear" or "You wont believe what Hillary Duff looks like now."

Today WCNC offers up yet another fine example of how the station views their follower's IQ and the station's role is reporting news in Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Crews responded to a call from Charlotte Douglas airport Tuesday night after suspicious noises came from one of the planes.
Officials did not specify what kind of noises the plane was making or what caused it to happen.
Airport officials did not release the number of passengers affected by this report.
Stick with for the latest on this developing story.
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Yep that's it a plane made funny noises! Sadly they will probably receive an Emmy for this in-depth reporting.

If you work for this station you might as well be flipping burgers at McD's because you have about as much integrity as a Filipino dice game.

Go ahead add WCNC to your CV and point to your accomplishments as I generated clickbait news for Charlotte's ratings loser.


Anonymous said...

Braxton Winston is having a "Leadership Development Seminar" next month. It costs 15 dollars at the door. Braxton will teach people how to be wealthy, successful, and lead others.

Special Guest Leaders to speak include: Sgt Muhammed and Sgt Suddreth. Nothing shows leadership like doing nothing for 10 years on day-shift and getting a random promotion.

Anonymous said...

do you have a link to information? don't see anything about it. Where? His organization or someone sponsoring?

Anonymous said...

how about the return of you-know-who? and his bitch?

Anonymous said...

Braxton will teach us how to be rich and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

"Authentic Leadership" hahahahahahahahahahahaha
by the biggest poser yet elected to City Council?

And with Hugh McColl ?

At "Camp North End" perfect.

Anonymous said...

What is Braxton's leadership style? Pointing a gun at a victim?

Anonymous said...

Pretend you will be ethical, hold City Staff accountable, be transparent.

Do nothing.

Ask for money and assistants.

Pose for photos.


Anonymous said...

Is Sgt Muhammed a muslim? Did Chase really fuck that old bitch?

The answers to these questions...will answer previous questions. OMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

What has Braxton ever led....other than a conspiracy to rob a bank? This city is doomed. I just expect to get horrible service from all agencies.

Anonymous said...

I think CMPD should have gotten a 7% raise for their efforts. Instead, they got shlongged with a 3% raise. Oh well, its lunch time.

Anonymous said...

you can vote NO on the bond and make them change the proposal

what about firefighters?

Anonymous said...

So incompetent to include a percentage tax hike when the property "values" are doubling and tripling on their own because of rampant building increases-- that lets you know the City morons are GIVING AWAY all of our tax $ to people that don't need it, wasting it on their own salaries, and wasting it in general.

Should vote NO on that basis and tell them to shove it.

And shove that $1 million dollars for new assistants to the Council. What a load of crap. So now the even more useless assistants to the Council will be attending meetings and translating their portions of thoughts to the half-brained Council to do nothing about it? And that's supposed to be our government? And there will be ZERO accountability for their attendance, actions, responses, information given to them. Brilliant.
And the number of emails, text messages, social media posts will explode, not be better-managed.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I am so excited!!! He is coming back and bringing his bitch with him!

Anonymous said...

you can't be talking about romo?!
in what capacity?

Anonymous said...

He is back as a consultant for the 2020 RNC.

Anonymous said...

Who hired him?

Anonymous said...

I hate how the media is playing up this housing crisis. People need to stop moving to Charlotte without a serious job. Poor blacks move here for shit jobs, lose the job, and then complain about eviction.

How about don't move here...and we won't have a housing crisis. Stop having kids with criminals, and you won't be in section 8 for 20 years.

Just some intelligent thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha you guys are fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm still coming for you, Preston. Its over for you.


Anonymous said...

Romo is back with Mayfield to help us all understand how to fix policing and have transparency.

Mayfield, the City government and City Council won't answer if or how much of our money he'll be paid for his mighty wisdom and help. So, good start.

Anonymous said...

Basically, Mayfield is paying Romo give sell out the dirt on the leadership at CMPD. That way Mayfield can use the dirt against the department.

Anonymous said...

I think that WE are paying through City tax dollars for another publicity stunt by a truly foolish City Council person to try to justify her attacks.

I think WE are paying Romo because some of the idiots running this place ignore all of what he has done (why not? when you're part of the same) and pretend he was honest, didn't break the law, didn't lie over and over, and contend he had something to do with "reducing crime."

He happened to be in office while crimes/reporting of crimes across America produced lower numbers. He also lied about the numbers of crimes that were reported.

So great job getting this guy MORE of our money to talk about transparency.

Why do stupid criminals always return to the scene?

Anonymous said...

Romo consulting on the RNC...lets think about that. He can show them all where to hide the 60inch Tv's, golf carts, coolers, etc. when the event is over. Yea, that's it...thats why they need him.