Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Charlotte's Ratings Laggard WCNC Race Baiting Driving While Black News Story

How about a little race baiting from ratings laggard WCNC in Charlotte, to go with your morning coffee?

Leave it to WCNC's Savannah Levins to dig into the driving while black issue just to stir up the hate for local CMPD Officers.

From WCNC:

For the first time ever, we’re seeing data that proves racial inequality when it comes to being pulled over in North Carolina. 

 Analysis of more than 20 million stops in the Tar Heel State since 2002 found blacks are 95 percent more likely to be pulled over than whites and 115 percent more likely to be searched after being stopped. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have searched four times more black drivers than white drivers since 2017. 

In 1999, North Carolina became the first state ever to require departments nationwide to record specific details of every traffic stop, including race of the drivers. The data began coming in around the year 2000. 

Now, 18 years later, researchers at the University of North Carolina have finally crunched the numbers. “It’s not really appropriate to question anymore whether driving while black put you in a different place, it clearly does,” said UNC Chapel Hill professor Dr. Frank Baumgartner, one of the researchers who compiled the data for a now-published book titled Suspect Citizens. 

Baumgartner said he was shocked to find almost two decades of data collected from more than 20 million traffic stops in North Carolina was never analyzed, not one single report. So he took matters in his own hands. 

What he found is something people of color have been saying for a long time now. “African American drivers are much more likely to be pulled over than white drivers,” he said. “About twice as likely actually.” 

Dr. Barumgartner’s extensive research covers the entire state; numbers for individual departments are available to the public online. NBC Charlotte took a look at CMPD’s data, and found in the past year: Charlotte police pulled over 37.5 percent more black drivers than white drivers 5,146 black drivers were searched and only 1,322 white drivers were searched “No one is more concerned about disparity than I am; it’s a red flag,” CMPD Chief Kerr Putney recently said of the data. 

The department referred NBC Charlotte to a video they recently posted to Facebook in which Chief Putney offers some explanation. “It’s fair to say that we have more staffing more resources in areas that have a statistically higher rate of violent crime, both victimization and suspects and those neighborhoods, unfortunately, are African American neighborhoods” 

A CMPD officer asked. “It’s not just fair, it’s a fact.” Chief Putney responded, “It’s by design that we place our people there proactively.”

 CMPD calls it a delicate balance, others call it flat out unfair. 

“If I was a young Hispanic male living in what’s called a high drug area which might be home, might be where my school is, and if I was a mother a father of that young man and I had found out that for the 18th time in the last six months he'd been questioned, I’d be angry,” Baumgartner said. 

 As far as the reason people are pulled over, the biggest racial disparities in CMPD didn’t come from speeding, DUIs, checkpoints, or investigations. They came from seat belt and vehicle equipment violations: 50 times more black drivers pulled over for those minor infractions than whites.

Cedar's Take:

Anyone who has rolled out of the Law Enforcement Center on a Friday night shift knows the sad fact that the majority of the crime in Charlotte is committed by African Americans. It is also a fact that if someone is breaking minor traffic laws, (expired tag, broken head light, speeding) there's a pretty good chance that they are also "riding dirty" since those who break the law do so because they think the rules don't apply to them and they don't stop with just speeding.

CMPD Officers tell me most traffic stops are made because the actions of the driver stand out, they are erratic, moving too fast, too slow, or just acting suspicious and that most of the time because of rear window tint, they don't know what color the driver's skin happens to be until they approach the car.

Numbers can tell a story, in this case the fact that claiming you were stopped by police because you were "driving while black" when you were speeding through a red light doesn't hold up.

High crime areas in Charlotte happen to be areas which have a higher population of people of color, its just a sad fact. Ask any CMPD Officer black, white or latino how many times they hear, "you just pulled me over because I'm black" or how many times they hear the classic "you slave'n me".

Officers don't care, they had a job to do and that is enforce the laws as they are there to protect all of us and when news reporters go out of their way to make Officers look bad they their jobs more difficult. A job that is tough enough without hearing "I saw on WCNC you cops are stopping me just because I'm black."


Anonymous said...

Savannah Levins is a turd. Anything for viewers and page clicks. Shoddy reporting and racially motivated fake news. Not because of the facts, but since Levins spin on the story is racism is rampant at CMPD. What's lacking is context. 35% of Charlotte's population is Black or African American so in Levins politically correct world only 35% of traffic stops should be African American. The real truth is that a certain segment of the population commits the majority of the crime in Charlotte, from homicides down to parking infractions.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Mouth STFU you racist POS!

Anonymous said...

Same old race card song. Levins sound bite only serves to fire up the left who love to label everything as racism.

Context is blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the crime at all levels across our nation and in Charlotte. Left will say that's because they are targeted more than whites.

Cops don't care who the perps are their job is to light up the car going 55 in the 35 on Wendover Road.

And the fact is poor people have issues with basic stuff, fixing the broken tail light, paying for insurance, paying for a traffic ticket, renewing the license plate, and blacks represent a greater portion of Charlotte' low income citizens.

Anonymous said...

Oh surprise a racist Trumpette

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I see troll people...

Anonymous said...

Bruh, you mad because you can’t legally smoke in your baby momma’s Housing Authority apartment anymore?

Anonymous said...

I work for CMPD, and I do hate blacks. I don't target their cars, when if I make a stop...and its them....I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

Dear 6:46,

Do all good officers a favor and post your name, division and code number so you can head to IA where you belong.

Your racism is oozing from your pores.

A Veteran CMPD Officer

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh billy, a veteran officer cares so much about his citizens. That's why he lets people like D. Soto exist on this department. That dude left us hanging out to dry in University. He is a fucking coward and should be split up the backside. U City Proud

Anonymous said...

What do I have to do with D. Soto still having a job? That decision was made well above my officer level pay grade. U City Proud? Then why didn't you do something about it instead of letting crap officers being cycled to other divisions. Keep kicking others to make yourself feel better, idiot.

Anonymous said...

My nig, they sent us Yumika Smith as a swap! Thats like tossing grenades back and forth with your neighbors. Please keep your righteousness to yourself on this page. You are no better than the rest of us, getting these checks. Your pay grade shouldn't stop you from making moves on this department, and you should let your SGT know your views. We can't control the hearts of our brothers and sisters. - U City Proud

Anonymous said...

I am gonna say racism is alive and Jim Crow is doing just fine in Charlotte. I know for a fact if you wander outside the city limits Willie don't stand a chance. But I've got to think that within CMPD you don't have enough down time to pick and choose who gets a greenie or a free pass and who gets cuffed and stuffed based on skin color.

Maybe its different in Providence or South but Hickory Grove has no shortage of mofos and stupid rednecks.

Someone want to tell me I'm wrong?

Anonymous said...

7:57pm: I will turn myself in to IA, when they fire that black cop for stealing those off duty paychecks. Does he still work here? What if he was a white guy?


Anonymous said...

You people on here are all damn obvious racist cops fuck everyone one of you. Maybe if we pop a couple of you parked in your cars you cops will treat us people of color right.

Anonymous said...

You’re calling other people racist?

Walk up on my patrol car WITH a weapon and INTENT on harm.

Your mama will be on the news holding a photo of your dumbass crying about how good you were.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the RNC. We're going to get really good at whac-a-thug and whac-a-granola.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, you're all idiots for going at each other instead of looking at the real problem. Look at CMPD email for identify a suspect or BOLO for a known suspect. At least 80% are black perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

The liberal and NAACP argument is that AF are arrested more than whitey crackers because CMPD is looking to arrest the black folks and therefore they are not watching whitey.

I say put it to the test.

Just randomly stop ten white drivers and ten black drivers and just for fun stop ten Mexicans.

I guaranDAMNtee you'll get two with an issue from the white folks and six from the black folks and the Mexicans? About 1/2 won't have a valid tag/license/insurance and two will be illegals.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That Yasir Basulto put his face in it, so he would be the best guy to tell you if there was a penis surgery. I think he's married to that bugs bunny cop, now.

Anonymous said...

I hear Medlock is back in town. Add that to Rotney and the prospect of security details for the RNC in 2020 you can't keep the thieves away from the honey pot.

Anonymous said...

Cops will fuck anything. I mean anything. Garnes was sharing Aquino with Tinsley! That was before she accused him of a 75.

Anonymous said...

She didn't accuse him of drug possession, she accused him a raping her while he was on the job. I think he got fired. Garnes is still around, but he made some racist comments a while back toward honkies. I think he works in the LEC basement with Bubbles.

Anonymous said...

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