Friday, March 1, 2019

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney Speaks Out Against Homicides

CMPD Chief Putney doesn't say a lot, he tweets even less. With only 400 followers and a dozen or less tweets he doesn't have much of a twitter presence. Nevertheless there he was yesterday with this gem.

Kerr Putney @chiefputney

"@CMPD has investigated 25 homicides year to date. 19 of these involve victims who know their killers. 23 involve guns. This has to stop."

Cedar's Take:

I suppose being Chief he has to say something. But the words "This has to stop" are pretty pointless. Real action is needed, but this is not a one fix cures all, in fact it is a long road to a safe city. Frankly it won't ever happen, Charlotte has gone too far down the road of self-destruction.

Rodney Monroe saw to that. 

During Monroe's watch race became such an issue that common sense took a backseat to mob mentality. The Jonathan Ferrell shooting put it over the top, ending Monroe's tenure as Police Chief but forever putting Black Lives Matter in front of law enforcement officers.

The experience of hiring from outside the department and the low morale at the time forced Charlotte City Council and the City Manager to hire from within. Putney was selected as the lesser of all evils. Race was a factor but the feeling was that most of the boots on the street had respect for Putney as a cop's cop.

The quickly ended with the Keith Lamont Scott shooting. While Putney was willing to back CMPD Officers several missteps led to mass protests and violence that put Charlotte into the national spotlight. Putney was slow to respond letting the crowds protest and giving them space saying they were acting peacefully. But as the protests turned into riots and looting and then finally gun play, Putney with his back against the wall asked for help from the Governor in the form of the North Carolina National Guard and Highway Patrol.

Since then the morale has slipped lower and lower. Despite recruiting efforts, the low pay and poor working conditions has crippled CMPD's patrol divisions. 

The department is now understaffed by nearly 200 officers.

Here is the bottom line:

You can't prevent homicides, there is no deterrent other than effective policing. When you have ineffective policing homicides increase. 

Putney is at a disadvantage, the political forces of Charlotte have been more concerned with their social agenda than basic city services. Look at the major agenda items over the past two years:

Affordable Housing
Trolley and Blue Lines
Black Lives Matter
Illegal Immigrants
Tranny Bathrooms
NBA All-Stars
GOP 2020 Convention

Then understand this, Charlotte has been a "bug light" for the less than desirables. The influx of transplants from shit hole cities like Baltimore, Newark, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati has created a massive "affordable housing" shortage. 

Add the Latino element both legal and illegal and with them the drug trade in opioids and marijuana which has quickly turned Charlotte into the East Coast hub of the drug trade.

Without effective policing crime has naturally risen.

Even the basic services like street lights, curbs, sidewalks and gutters are neglected. Water, Sewer, Solid-waste and Recycling all have issues that have been overlooked to focus on Charlotte City Council's "social agenda" and everything supersedes law enforcement. 

It can't go on.

You can't raise the property taxes on CMPD Officers many who have moved outside the county only to have their take home car privileges revoked. 

Officers who commute to work more than 30 minutes account for more than 70 percent of the department. 

And its only going to get worse.

The 25 murders in the first two months of 2019 is an anomaly an outlier on a statistically accurate chart. But the fact that of the 25 homicides the majority were African America should tell you something.


Anonymous said...

Dont be running your cedarmouth about Buffalo and Cleveland when you got garbage like BK Smith and Waldo Jones working here. Charlotte's finest??

Anonymous said...

Buffalo and Cleveland ain't so bad Baltimore yep its a shit hole.

But the Cedar Mouth is right of the 25, 19 are African American, of those 19, 16 have arrest records.

It would be interesting to know how may are from elsewhere.

I doubt Putney considers that crime follows people moving here from those cities up north.

Anonymous said...

I looked through the list they are nearly all African Americans and a couple of unknown but does that make a difference? So, they are all felons at least the ones I looked up most showing more than one priors. Does that make a difference? Its not so much white privilege as it is black burden don't you think?

In the crap shoot that is life must suck being black.

Anonymous said...

CMPD intentionally hires cheaper, dumber people to be cops. It keeps the cost down. Then he blames the city for letting criminals kill each other. Its all in the numbers, boys.

Anonymous said...

Black burden? What in the hell is that? Just another fancy moniker for sidestepping the elephant in the room which is black on black crime. In the grand scheme of things this usually is the overwhelming factor in CLT's homicides.

Anonymous said...

Cedar your KKK is showing. Please crawl but under your rock.

Anonymous said...

Remember those riots from Baltimore? All the black people walking down the street like the TV show the Wire?

That could easily happen again in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

What is he supposed to say? “Hey, at least it was only 25!” He and all of the DC/ACs are politicians at that level. They have to be because that is what the Charlotte residents expect. It sucks but the people expect there to be homicides. It is mostly in poorer black neighborhoods so no one gives it a second glance.

Anonymous said...

Racist as it sounds Putney is talking to "his people" he knows its a negro problem he's basically saying what Cedar has been saying for years "African Americans embrace a culture of violence." Yeah he's a racist but it is true.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t be quick to say it’s a black problem, most homicides all over the country happen mostly in poverty stricken areas. Just so happen that it’s mostly black in “CHARLOTTE”

Anonymous said...

If you look at crime nationally overall African Americans are both perp and vic of the vast majority of violent crime. No different in Charlotte. It is a Black problem.

Anonymous said...

There was a shooting during the CIAA I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

Homicide FREE for six days can we make an entire week?

SteveN said...

(Quote) "I wouldn't be quick to say it's a black problem, most homicides all over the country happen mostly in poverty stricken areas. Just so happen that it's mostly black in "CHARLOTTE"". (End Quote).

Homicide rates are pretty consistent around the country.......and EVERYWHERE in the U.S. it's black-on-black violent crime way out of proportion to the demographics in the area. Everyone knows it. No one wants to say it......Certainly not anyone in the public eye. Charlotte has historically had about 1/3 black population (closer to 40% now......). And they've made up WHAT percentage of homicides? Hell......Violent crimes....over the decades??? 80%? 90%? There's other violent criminal and 'risky' behavior committed by black WAY off the charts.....but rarely acknowledged. Armed robberies. Any cop who has more than a year on the job and who has taken enough robbery reports can confirm this. I'd venture to say about 95% of armed robberies are committed by black males in Charlotte (and likely elsewhere).

It's telling. You could interview a 3rd Worlder just off the boat and working in a convenience store which got hit. 10 minutes in the country and they're already racist against black males. I asked one Arabic gent the race of the perpetrator, and he looked at me like I was a fucking clueless idiot........then started throwing the N-word around.......along with the description. There's a lot fewer thieving in countries where these guys come from for a reason---they chop your fucking hands off if you're convicted. Do that a couple times here and there'd be fewer thugs out there looking to 'get paid' by robbing someone or a business.

It's a demographic/social/cultural catastrophe. LARGELY created by the growing welfare state and breakup of the nuclear family.....along with a growing tendency to blame everything BUT the individual for crimes and other bad behavior. Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote about this way back in the mid 60s.

Anonymous said...

Can I get an AMEN?

Anonymous said...

I always laugh anytime I hear someone refer to Putney as a "cops cop". Putney was never a cop. He was never on the street long enough to do anything. He's got a handful of arrests under his belt, never testified in court and I'm trying to remember, but I think he's papered (that's old school there) a half dozen or so cases. He doesn't have a clue about police work other than going to various conferences through the years and seeing what other cities have done. He spent his life in administrative positions and even when he was the DC over investigations, first time with any experience there, he had no clue what went on or how the job was done. Just his overlying disdane for investigations in general dating back to the incident with his father. Anyone doing investigations is just plain lazy and if white racist also. So no, he was never a cops cop. He's more of a frat boys frat boy. By the way, where is Dougie Moore these days??